Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Velika Rutarjeva jama Cave
Volče, Slovenia, Below the Vremščica Mountain

February 23, 2019, 29 pictures

          Most images are approximately 768 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Name of the cave is symbolic, given by the photographer, in absence of the official, yet to be determined, cave name. Names of the event participants who all helped in the making of this pictures and related persons: Matej Rutar, Claudio Bratos, Ludvik Husu, Mauro Kraus, Tjaša Vezovnik and her companion (Tjaša team), Peter Gedei, Uroš Stepišnik, Jana Bilinec (Yana Bilynets), Anja Hajna, Alenka Bevčič and Jure Maček. Matej discovered a patch of melted snow in his forest and told Claudio about it. Claudio with Ludvik widened the blowhole so that it was passable and so discovered the cave, he also invited the photographer to take part in this event. Tjaša team participated in the majority of the pictures, helped all along, not to mention that they carried both transport bags, with photo gear, food, cave environment matching outfits (as featured in the White Cat Cave and Merry Go Round Underground movies) and some extras for easier sitting on the cold and moist surfaces. Uroš instructed the author how to pass from one rope to the other at the third (and last) belay in the entrance shaft, which had to be done hanging in the air just below the anchor and where things started to get real slow after the author's knowledge of SRT proved to be, to put it mildly, very rusty. Peter helped identify the last two remaining unknowns from the list of names. Name of the cave is provisional, as it was overheard by the photographer.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2019.

43307. At the cave entrance (below the picture center): Peter, Ludvik, Alenka, Uroš, Jure, Tjaša team and Jana.



43309. Ludvik, here in the role of public relations manager for the Claudio Caving, is interviewed by Alenka with Jure as a cameraman, of TV Slovenia. Their report, titled Izjemno odkritje jame pod Vremščico (An Extraordinary Discovery of a Cave Below Vremščica (Mountain)) was aired on Sunday, February 24, at 1 p. m.



43308. Uroš, in good mood, assisted members of the party during the first leg of descent.



43312. Calcite deposit-covered large rocks at the bottom of the Big hall in the cave, where it ends (for now). This was a test shot to check that the remote flash triggering is operating according to expectations.



43310. Before any serious work could start, a snack was called for: two sandwiches (brought by Tjaša team), cooked potatoes (in the morning, still warm), baked chicken wings, cooked chickpeas, garlic, dates, black cumin oil, corn bread, oatmeal cookies (Pečjak brand), homemade wild plum (cibore) jam and jam of black figs, aronia juice with hot water. Two tea light candles were added for more relaxed, cozy impression.



43313. At the calcite curtain, rear illuminated ...



43317. ... and with addition of a side fill-in flashlight.



43318. The curtain with Tjaša's companion



43319. The Big Hall is dotted with very handsome side niches, like side altars in the church, here is one of them.



43324. The bottom of the hall is decorated with many stalagmites - in the picture a scene with a large rock which fell from the ceiling ages ago is depicted ...



43328. ... here seen in a wider view, with the accent on chiaro-scuro ...



43329. ... and, finally, in full gloss.



43326. A calcite drapery in all shades of warm white



43331. A pan of water below a large calcite heap



43332. Richly ornamented wall behind one of the side "altars" in the Big Hall



43334. Peter, the master of dark and light, a cave photographer as accomplished as it gets, in his prime time



43335. View towards the slope at the top of the Big Hall, where it starts. The floor is dotted with large rocks which fell from the ceiling, and there are many stalagmites all over. The finest is the one to the left of Tjaša.



43336. Here this stalagmite is seen accompanied by Tjaša team, rear illumination only. The red caving suit and the orange transport bag belong to Mauro, who is just departing the scene.



43337. In this photo strong front illumination was added ...



43339. ... and here it is more subdued. The relation to the stalagmite is also more personal.



43342. Claudio had a very special pair of gloves, best suited for the occasion.



43343. Tjaša's companion on top of a vertical passage where rope use is of great help.



43344. Tjaša in a narrow passage ...



43345. ... and her team on exit from it, ...



43347. ... with three shiny macaroni stalactites at the side



43348. View of the cave entrance with Tjaša from the top of the entrance shaft



43349. Tjaša team outside the entrance, he was the last of the three to climb out.



43351. Tjaša team on the forest track, it was ...



43350. ... close to the sunset, and the sky was clear.



43352. Just before dusk some pinky clouds popped up on the horizon.



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