Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Pliskovica na Krasu
Part I, 52th Matura Anniversary
of Class 4. h, Šubičeva gimnazija, Ljubljana, June 1967

April 2 evening and April 3, 46 pictures

Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participants who contributed to the making of these pictures (family names are as of 1967): Miran Saje, Meta Štoka, Radojka Verčko, Mojca Zaletel, Sinja Zemljič, Bojana Žokalj - Boja, Matjaž Vodušek, Jelka Skitek, Mišo Vidmar and Jože Trpin.

All the pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin.




43924. Close to the Pliskovica Hostel there is Domačija Vrabči / Vrabči Homestead, known for its quality wine and spirits. In the picture - 86 years old mulberry tree in the yard.



43923. Walls of the anteroom to the exhibition and tasting venue is covered with ancient home utensils; Boja and Mišo in action.



April 3


43925. At the breakfast table, richly set with Boja's contributions: Mišo, Radojka, Mojca and Sinja.



43926. Mišo in the stone door frame



43927. View of the hostel's yard ...



43931. ... from the first floor veranda



43928. Radojka in the girls' dormitory



43929. Western side of the boys' dormitory in the attic



43930. This wooden table is an excellent piece of furniture - light yet stable.



43932. Meta is enjoying her breakfast.



43933. Eastern village entrance. Here the parking lot for the visitors is situated.



43934. View west over a vineyard and karst landscape



43935. Jelka and Sinja on the way to the cars



43936. One of our cars came from the UK, with the wheel on the right side.



Artist's Home, Not Far Away


43937. Quite a few people of arts and crafts from the Slovenian capital, musicians, writers, painters, home decoraters chose Karst with its warmer climate, Provence-like flair and vicinity of the sea as their second home. Usually they would buy a house and refurbish it to their own taste. We were invited to one of them. In the picture: houseleek, Sempervivum tectorum, netresk in Slovenian, čuvar kuće in Serbian, in a bowl outside the house door.



43938. A small field to the south of the yard also belongs to the house compound. Brown patch top left is there by mistake - it is the photographer's finger.



43939. View of the flowering bushes and the yard door from the field



43940. Boja on a sofa with an oriental pattern



43941. Top view of the stone staircase which leads to the house basement.



43942. Miran is already down, almost



43943. In the basement floor there is a natural sink, a bilge which fills with water after heavy rains. A submersible pump helps it to empty faster.



43945. Cooking corner with a stone arch



43946. Light green art deco stove in the eastern room



43947. A statue of a lady Mesoamerican drum player in the first floor



43948. Single-string musical instrument from Madagascar



43949. Water dragonfly glass vase in the top triangle window opening, probably Japanese



43950. Slightly cropped photo of Salvador Dali and Gala by Cecil Beaton, 1936, in red frame



43951. Another deeply indented small window with an elaborate shelf below it



Low-lying Prehistoric Hill Fort Debela Griža


43952. Meta close to the top of the eastern fortification ...



43953. ... and on top of it, pointing in the direction of the ancient settlement location, now still overgrown



43954. The stone fortification wall is several meters wide.



43955. Bigleaf periwinkle, Vinca major, veliki zimzelen in Slovenian





43956. Village water reservoir has a nice metal cover grate - here its reflection on the water surface is depicted.



43968. View of the Sveto church, dedicated to St. Giles / sv. Tilen, from the west. It was used as a field hospital during the WWI.



43957. The church nave has an octagonal shape and its umbrella-like roof is supported by a single pillar.



43958. The main altar



43960. The former presbytery with the altar of St. Francis Xavier ...



43959. ... here in a closer view



43967. Meta on the ladder staircase to the top of the bell tower



43962. Miran and Sinja at the northern two bells



43961. View east over the landscape



43963. The ladder stairs to the top of the bell tower are not exactly inviting and so the majority opted to play safe and sound.



43964. Northern side of the northern bell ...



43965. ... and its eastern one



43966. Meta at the two bells



43969. The winning team: Primož, Mojca, Jelka, Sinja, Radojka, Jože, Boja, Miran, Matjaž, Meta and Mišo. A click on the picture shows it in full screen resolution (as of 2019).



  Jama v Doktorjevi ogradi Cave, Pliskovica na Krasu, April 2 in the Afternoon      Mardi Cave, Day 14, April 10  

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