Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Petnjak, Slovenia
Following the Draft, Straight Down

June 26, 2019, 17 pictures and a brief film sequence

          Most images are approximately 768 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Excavation team participants, depicted in the pictures, and related persons: Junior (team leader) and Senior, Uroš Kunaver, all members of Ljubljana Cave Exploration Society - DZRJL.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2019.

Getting to the Cave


44611. It was another hot summer day - morning sun above the bend on the standard road Postojna - Divača, at the saddle west of Gabrče, view from the west.



44613. View of the eastern Petnjak collapsed doline wall from the top of the access trail



The Cave


44614. View out from below the wall, where the cave actually begins ...



44615. ... here in a darker cersion, where the colour of the sky is visible.



44616. The entire cave entrance, inside out



Excavation Site


44617. Senior on top of the final shaft, on a shelf with a bag of small excavated rocks and sand - the bag holds it in place, prevents dissipating down to the site.



44618. Junior with a basket of excavated (by Senior) rocks which he hauled up the 4 m deep final vertical jump.



44619. They changed places - now the Senior (in the picture) is on top (with a basket), while ...



44621. ... Junior (below) resumed the digging.



A 66-second sequence, depicting the moving of stones by foot on top of the final jump, in a narrow meandering passage to the final destination in the dry wall at the end of a little chamber. Sequence dialogue translation: 32.37 sec. Klok: There are two more stones, closer to me. / 38.12 sec. Klok: This one, yes. / 42.00 sec. Klok: OK. There is just one more left, the one your foot is on. Not a big deal. / 52.50 sec. Klok: OK. They are all in the chamber now. Junior: OK. Klok: Perfect! / 57.57 sec. Klok: Super. Junior: Working like a machine. Klok: Yes! / 1.03.10 sec. Klok: Like an open-pit mining. Almost.



44622. View of the cave entrance hall, from the plateau where a narrow passage to excavation site begins.



44623. Closer view of the entrance, inside out, it is basking in the early afternoon sun



44624. View inside, towards the hall bottom where the narrow passage begins (picture center).



44625. The top of the narrow passage was recently a little bit widened but remains a tough squeeze. The photographer managed to slide down through it rather easily, but on the way back he got stuck in the middle. He failed to take out all the illumination gear he had inside the caving suit and had to retun to below the squeeze. The second attempt, in a leaner configuration, was successful, yet still not without bruises shown in the picture. All in all it took him 69 minutes to get from the excavation site to the surface. In December 2018, when Uroš helped him in the squeeze with footholds from below, it took 20 minutes.



44626. Mid-morning snack: cooked chickpeas, cooked spinach and chard, black cumin oil, garlic, buckwheat and corn bread, dates, aronia juice withvegetable water



Clay Reservoirs for Livestock Water Supply, South of Brestovica pri Povirju


44628. Senior and Junior on the other side of kal, Slovenian word for such reservoir, which drains to ...



44627. ... a swallow-hole cave which the farmers have recently shown to Junior and his girlfriend, and they explored it.



44629. Another kal, with Junior



  Kalce - Mrzla jama Cave - Logatec, June 19     Hotiške ponikve / Hotična Sinkholes, July 3  

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