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Kalce - Mrzla jama Cave - Logatec
A Summer Stroll

June 19, 2019, 17 pictures

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From Kalce to Kališe


44557. Poppy, Papaver rhoeas, mak in many languages, blossoms



44558. A meadow east of Kalce, as seen from the forest road



44559. Eagle fern, Pteridium aquilinum, orlova praprot in Slovenian, against the sun



44560. The road is winding slightly uphill, below a still sparse canopy of deciduous trees which nevertheless provide some welcome shadow during the walk.



44561. Vervain mallow, Malva alcea, ostrolistni slezenovec in Slovenian



Kališe Flysch Oasis


44562. Old hay barn, view from the west. Half a century ago the Kališe lonely farm was abandoned and the barn, still full of hay, served as an overnight accomodation during quite a few cave exploration related events.



44563. The old farmhouse and its firewood shed, completely renovated and turned into a cottage years ago, in a ship-shape condition including the cultivated yard.



44564. Vervain mallow with Leucanthemum ircutianum, ivanjščice in Slovenian



Mrzla jama Cave


44565 - 44568. Cave name translates to Cold Cave. In the pictures: vertical panoramic view of the cave entrance. It is situated below a 12 m rock wall, at the top of a slope, about 20 m above Planinsko polje. Cold humid air, stemming from a vast aquifer of Vranja jama cave, fed by many swallow holes at the rim of polje, spills over the entrance and flows down the slope. The entrance is not seen from the meadow below, but can very easily be located in the summer by the sheer drop in temperature, felt if passing by. Cave name is well deserved, an excellent choice. The author tried to locate the cave from the access trail to Vranja jama cave but could not find it in close to half an hour. In the aftermath of the February 2014 frozen tain disaster old trail to it was blocked by branches of fallen trees and later much overgrown. So he descended to Babni dol and located the cave in 5 minutes, helped by the cold air current.



44573. Closer view ...



44572. ... and a very close view. Sunrays, caught in the fog, reveal the humid outflowing air current.



44569. View out of the cave entrance



From Babni dol to Logatec


44574. View east from the bay below Mrzla jama, towards Laze village and Mt. Slivnica, hidden in the rain storm



44575. View south, across the mowed meadows, to the western side of Jakovica hill and Mt. Planinska gora behind it



44576. A white mare and her black foal on pasture, below Vrh Hrvatov pass



44577. Tiger lily, Lilium bulbiferum, brstična lilija (Slovenian), in similar condition as were the feet of the photographer.



44578. White rose bush in the garden of a Martinj hrib village home. All in all, it was a 20 km walk, but it was well worth it.



  Jama desno v hudourniku pod Zabrdom Cave, Banjška planota Plateau, June 11     Petnjak, June 26  

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