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Jama desno v hudourniku pod Zabrdom, Banjška planota Plateau
Breakthrough to the Top of the Shaft

June 11, 2019, 30 pictures and a brief film sequence

          Most images are approximately 768 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Names of the event participants depicted in the pictures and related persons: Claudio Bratos, Mauro Kraus, Edvard Gergolet - Edi (pron. Eddie), Andrej Peca and Drago Jeseničnik.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2019.

Getting to the Cave


44481. View east over the central part of the plateau from Lohke village



44482. View northwest towards the southwestern side of the Julian Alps ridge



44486. Access road to the cave, near proximity, view east



44484. Wider snack scene at a rather tight place for the cars ...



44483. ... and a closer view: cooked chickpeas, cooked spinach and chard, black cumin oil, garlic, homemade poppy seed bread, homemeade plum jam, dates, oatmeal cookies, aronia juice with chard and spinach water



44485. Andrej. He had to depart earlier, the job will start at three in the afternoon.



The Cave


44487. Cave entrance is followed by a 5 m drop which requires the use of SRT. Here is a view of the entrance from the shelf some 2 m below, ...



44488. ... its reflection from mid-shaft ...



44489. ... and from its bottom.



44490. Cave continues down in free climbable large steps along the bottom of a tall meandring fissure.



44491. Claudio on the inner side of the last excavation depot ...



44492. ... here Mauro also joined in.



44493. From the last depot there is another 5 m, more narrow drop after which ...



44494. ... the current action is taking place: Edi is digging, Mauro is assisting from above.



44496. Edi



44495. View out up the wall of the meander and its many fissures, across the dry wall of the last depot ...



44499. ... here with Claudio, just before ...



44500. ... he started to push himself up through an inconvenient squeeze on his return to the surface.



44497 - 44498. In this composite view the squeeze is quite at the bottom, and another, smaller depot is mid-picture.



44501. View of the meander end over Edi (he has Mauro's helmet for better illumination). The hole is now wide enough (center left) for a thin caver to pass into a much wider shaft that follows, but not wide enough for a safe return.



A 15-second sequence, depicting how Edi threw a 20 kg stone into the void at the cave bottom. The stone was falling and bouncing off the walls of the cave continuation shaft for over 4 seconds, from the time 02.17 till 6.53 in the timeline, with two 1.5 second net fall instances, which would amount to a depth of over 22 m. Sequence dialogue translation: 0.17 sec. Edi: Should I throw it? / 1.50 sec. Klok: Do it. / 12.32 sec. Klok: It was over 10 meters, no doubt about it.

44502. Edi, just above the bottom of the entrance pit, view from above



44504. Caving business is tough - Edi is climbing out of the cave entrance.



44505. The draft at the entrance is a promise of a large cave below. So there were quite a few excursions devoted to making it to the inner parts and a side effect is the trail to the road, now quite nice and comfortable.



44506. Mauro



44507. Shoes of the four, clockwise from the northwest: Claudio, Mauro, Edi and the photographer



The Aftermath


44508. View west over Sukavec to Levpa village with the church of St. Stephen



44509. Christmas crib, in a setting of a cleaned and painted beech tree roots, by Drago, who welcomed us all most warmly in his house below Bizjaki. The crib is under construction, two kings, a cow and some sheep will also be added.



44510. Neighbour's sheep on a hill meadow



44511. There were many fine elder groves on the way back, in full blossom. This one in Murovci hamlet could easily win the beauty contest. Here it is seen from the north ...



44512. ... and here from the south.



  Rakov Škocjan Caving Eldorado, May 29     Kalce - Mrzla jama Cave - Logatec, June 19  


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