Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Cape Debeli rtič
Summer Day at Sea

July 20, 2019, 19 pictures

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Getting to the Place


44871. Access is a 1 km stroll through the vineyards, heading west, first lightly uphill ...



44872. ... and, from the top of a slight hill, gently downwards with the sight of the sea.



44873. View of the sea from the top of the cliff



44874. The trail leaves the vineyard track and some climbing is required. There are two 2 m drops, the first one is inclined ...



44875. ... and the second one is more vertical.



The Beach


44876. Northern side of the beach remains in the shadow most of the day ...



44877. ... the western till the afternoon ...



44879. ... while the southern basks in the sun from the midday on.



44878. Mid-morning snack: cooked chickpeas, cooked spinach and chard, black cumin oil, garlic, bread, grated solidified coconut oil, dates, redcurrant jam, aronia juice with chard and spinach water



44880. View of the southern edge of the cape from the sea ...



44881. ... and of the mid-section. While the beach is made of flysch rocks, the sea floor is sandy and shallow, for quite a distance from the coast.



44883. View towards the open sea from a very small inflatable boat



44884. Lunch main course, with two dreamfish, Sarpa salpa, salpa in Slovenian, on top of potatoes and zucchini, before being put on a little gas stove ...



44885. ... here seen in a view of the sea from the shade.



44886. Half an hour later the lunch could be served, with garlic, beetroot salad, melon, dates and apple compote (cooked on the second portable stove).



44888. A pair from the northen side of the Alps popped up from behind the southern edge of the cape.



44887. In the late afternoon the low tide came and the setting sun sparked the sea with a myriad of little stars.





44891. Vineyard row against the late sun ...



44889. ... and an old oak at the edge of the forest





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