Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Kokotov rov / Koko's Passage in Vranja jama Cave, II
Moving a Pile of Rocks

October 31, 2019, 21 pictures

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45724. View of the Vranja jama cave entrance from the platform at the Kokotov rov entry



45723. Rocks dug at the end of previous excursion on October 23 are still in the tunnel and have to be moved out.



45726. The work was done in two steps, each about an hour long. Firstly the rocks from the end and the middle of the pile were tossed, bigger one by one, smaller in handfuls, to the beginning of the tunnel, as depicted here.



45732. During the second step the rocks were tossed out ...



45728. ... to make the entrance clean and easy.



45725. and 45729. From afar nothing much has changed (left and right picture) ...



45730. ... just this pile is missing in the left one.



45733. View of Vranja jama cave entrance from the access trail, taken on return



45735. A snack after work: cooked chickpeas, cooked chard and spinach, dates, corn bread, garlic, black cumin oil, grated solidified coconut oil, aronia juice with chard and spinach water. There are two little pots of it - the amount of water in which the vegetables were cooked was slightly too much for one and the surplus was put in the left pot, not to waste it on a cold day.



To Skednena jama Cave


45736. Two tinder fungi, Fomes fomentarius, bukova kresilka in Slovenian, on a dry spruce trunk



45737. Saffron milk cap, Lactarius deliciosus, užitna sirovka in Slovenian, with a spoon of rainwater in the middle



45738. The forest track to the cave is now cleared of fallen spruces and as passable as it was at all times in the past 50 years until 3 years ago.



45739. Well, almost - the last 30 or so meters till the junction where the trail to Planinsko polje forks off are still very much overgrown.



45740. View of the southern entrance from the access trail



Skednena jama Cave


45744. Patterns on the eastern wall of the Main tunnel, halfways



45745. Chimney harmony / Sozvočje kaminov in Slovenian, Main tunnel, view from the south, painting with light. The yellow-red patch lower right is accidental, leftover of the author walking in the scene during exposure.



45748. Entrance to Topli rov / Warm tunnel in the eastern wall, not far from the northern entrance



45746. One of the several markings in the cave, probably survey points. This one (22) is located immediately to the right of the above picture, some 2 m above ground.



45749. Old elder bush branches in the collapse in front of the northern entrance





45750. Forest trail past the northern entrance of Skednena jama cave




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