Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Kokotov rov / Koko's Passage in Vranja jama Cave, III
Tight Meandering

November 2, 2019, 22 pictures and 108 seconds of moving action

          Most images are approximately 768 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Names of the event participants depicted in the pictures and related persons: Claudio Bratos, Jožek Košir - Cox and Jaka Jakofčič. The fossil Chondrodonta joannae was determined by France Šušteršič and Joerg Prestor.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2019.

45761. This little plastic barge, Claudio made it out of a 25 l petrol canister, ...



45760. ... was used to haul the excavated rocks from deeper parts of the entrance passage, which still needed to be widened.



45759. Second, smaller can helped carry the earth from the side of the entrance plateau.



45762. Bigger rocks received a different treatment. Claudio rolled them to the entrance threshold ...



45763. ... and lifted them out.



45765. After the entrance was clear we moved to the second tight spot where this rock was in the way.



45766. It was hammered ...



45767. ... and chiseled ...



45768. ... until it fell apart. Its pieces were then moved to the lower level of the meander.



45770. Rock removal made the second squeeze considerably easier to pass and, not to waste any more time on it, Claudio ...



45771. ... proceeded through pushing digging gear in the transport bag in front of him.



45774. The writer of these lines had time to spare while Claudio was working at the third narrow spot and, little by little, managed to displace the rock lower middle in the previous picture ...



45775. ... and to take it away. The distance floor-ceiling was enlarged by about 15 cm.



45773. Claudio tackled the most narrow spot in the following nowhere wide vertical meander, which made passing through particulary nasty.



108-seconds of a film depiction of meander widening works

45777. The author followed Claudio to the next tight spot (3 were widened already, 3 remained for future excursions) and took this picture of the saddle, after which a pool of water and tunnel continuation are situated.



45778. Fifth squeeze, view in



45779. Fourth squeeze is vertical, first you push through the legs in the lower side, followed by moving the body torso through the upper side of the passage.



45780. On return we devoted some more time to the second squeeze ...



45781. ... and it is now quite well passable.



45782. The team: Cox, Jaka and Claudio. Jaka joined us after the completion of his errands in Ljubljana.



45783. On the way back Jaka, helped by Claudio, discovered this fossil of the Chondrodonta joannae shell. They lived in Cenomanian and Turonian of the Late Cretaceous epoch, from 100 to 90 million years ago. The fossil measures about 10 cm across (horizontally) and this picture depicts its footprint in the larger piece of rock ...



45784. ... which fell apart exactly through the fossil, leaving this trace in the smaller piece.



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