Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Najdena jama Cave
Conglomerate Hall

November 6, 2019, 28 pictures

          Most images are approximately 768 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Claudio Bratos greatly contributed to making of many pictures on this page.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2019.

To the Cave


45809. Parasol mushroom, Macrolepiota procera, orjaški dežnik in Slovenian, above a mole-heap; one of many along the trail from Članska vas shelter to the cave entrance



Šerkov rov Passage


45810. After considerable amount of rain today, with rain also in the preceding days, produced smaller or bigger amounts of water penetrating the cave ceiling, the most notable being the one flowing over the white stalactite at the bottom of the passage.



45811. Here it is seen in a closer view.



Ičotov rov Passage


45813. Claudio is looking at the trinklets of water ...



45814. ... which were pouring down from all sides.



Piparski rov Passage


45815. A model of a house built of from small cave mud bricks, very probably by the pupils of Vocational School Tübingen during their obviously successful visit in April, at the junction below Ičotov rov passage.



45817. Claudio below the chimney at the western side of Stopnišče / Staircase



45818. View south (and upwards) over the water pans on the central part of Stopnišče, Claudio



45820. Hansov kapnik (Hans Speleothem) stalagmite-stalactite pair, with Claudio, had a flow of rainwater over it, ...



45821. ... so big and intense as the writer of these lines has never seen, and he visited the place many many times in the past 50 years.



Konglomeratna dvorana / Conglomerate Hall


45823. A wall of conglomerate on the western wall of the hall, below the smaller passage which leads to Vranja jama cave (Kokotov rov).



45825. Here it is seen up-close, with a carabiner added for measure.



45827. Calcite drapery just to the right of the Vranja jama connection entrance. The entrance is situated above a 4 m wall, easily climbable on the way up but better descended with a rope which we did not have. Next time, when the cold outside will increase the draft.



45826. A brief snack: baked chicken legs, bread, garlic, oatmeal cookies, dates, apple and grape compote



45829. A large rock board which fell from the ceiling and which is now firmly cemented in the cave floor.



45830. An elevated platform developed above the hall floor, with a nice shallow lake ...



45831. ... here seen against the light.



45822. Calcite cascades on the other side of the lake



45838. Lower side of the hall is reached by high waters which exposed the side of this conglomerate layer.



45837. Nicely washed conglomerate surface up close



Water Passage Below the Hall


45833. Claudio in a window of the wall below the Konglomeratna dvorana where the passage starts.



45836. It is remarkably clean, washed out, and full of floor kettles such as the one depicted here.



45835. The siphon where the passage ends after some 30 meters.





45839. View north in the passage above the Hansov kapnik speleothem, at the group of stalagmites ...



45840. ... the author dubbed Samorastniki / The Self-Sown.



45842. Claudio in a view north of the passage with earth hills left and right of the trail carved out by the water stream, north of Stopnišče / The Staircase



45843. Water is trickling down the entrance to Ičotov rov from Šerkov rov, artificially carved in the early eighties to facilitate the 60-excursion survey of the cave by the Institute of Karst Reasearch in Postojna. It was led by France Šušteršič, who over time produced an excellent cave map while the extended profile is, gently speaking, still in the works. Survey of cross-sections, required for a 3D map, which would make more sense as the ceve space is extremely intertwined, also for cave volume and the like, is waiting for some future generation of cavers. Probably only in case the Great Kanin Cave exploration hits some unforeseen and insurmountable obstacle or if, a better option, the lowland karst comes back into fashion.



45844. Well watered calcite formations on the eastern wall of Šerkov rov passage



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