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Vranja jama Cave
Dry Wall

November 14, 2019, 12 pictures

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Kokotov rov Passage


45881. The trail to the passage forks off the trail to the hall bottom just below the great entrance hall wall.



45872. Passage entrance is most inviting, and with steady air current, in the outwards direction.



45873. View inside, after the entry - left (wall) side is dry all the way, while the right (collapse) side is wet because of the rain in the past days. Wet, but not soakingly wet. Going further would require another excursion participant.



Entrance Hall


45874. Recent rains elevated the ground water and the bottom of the hall has turned into a lake. To make a proper photo of it some higher-ground standpoint would be preferable, such as the entrance to the Suhi rov / Dry Passage, in the shadow, center left of the picture. Standard access to the Dry Passage is in the entrance of the Water Passage, over a shelf which is now submerged, 2 m deep in the water.



45875. Therefore old access to the balcony, 3 m above the hall bottom, will have to be used. A wooden ladder was installed here but it disintegrated years ago. Somebody assembled a cairn of 7 rocks instead but it is on one hand not high enough and on the other very shaky. One wrong step and it would fall apart, especially during the descent.



45876. The simplest remedy of the problem seemed to be construction of a dry wall, high enough and strong enough. 57 minutes and about 70 rocks later (there was no more time available, some 20 additional rocks would be even better) the climb to the balcony proved to be manageable.



45884. It took not only rocks and minutes, there was also some collateral damage. During the construction a larger rock moved a bit too close to the wall while the glove with the hand was still holding it and the top third of the right pinky finger increased its width and changed hue from rosy to blue-rosy. Here it is seen in a compress made of beaten cabbage leaf. Luckily the fingernail remained, more or less, intact.



45877. View of the lake from the balcony above it, from the Dry Passage



45880. At the beginning of the lake (lower left in the previous picture) a strait is located, which separates the hall bottom from the entrance to the Water Passage.



45879. It was illuminated by the daylight, from the right, by a handheld headlight (bottom of the previous picture) and by a 10 W LED floodlight, mounted atop a 2.5 long hazelbush stick (center).



45878. The same light source was used to illuminate part of the lake above the entrance to the Water Passage.



45882. Midday snack: cooked chickpeas, cooked chard and spinach, dates, buckwheat bread, khaki, garlic, black cumin oil, grated solidified coconut oil, aronia juice with chard and spinach water.




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