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Lanski vrh
Winter is Coming

December 3, 2019, 11 pictures

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Viewpoint on Top of the Cliff, Above the Pod stenami Sinkholes


46031. Recently a new forest track was developed, it forks off the old track Vajzova cesta road - Skednena jama Cave. The latter track turns into a trail after this junction.



46032. View towards the afternoon sun, over the western side of the Pod stenami bay



46034. Classical view of Planinsko polje from the viewpoint. It is now difficult to make as the bushes, cut down a decade ago, are already 2 meters high. Peaks of the Javorniki ridge on the horizon are already snow covered.



46035. Gallows-resembling dry branches on the old oak tree at the viewpoint



46036. A grove of eagle fern, Pteridium aquilinum, orlova praprot in Slovenian, is now almost completely dry



Skednena jama Cave


46037. View of the southern entrance from inside the cave, additionally illuminated by a direct flash light



46038. Entrance tunnel, against the daylight



46039. Shaft window in the tunnel, additionally illuminated by a bounced flash, directed into the opposite wall



46040. Twin chimney above the entrance to side passage north of Kapelica / The Chapel, excavated during the shooting of the White Cat Cave film in 2005



46042. Downpour from the chimney at the tunnel bend south of the northern entrance



46043. Rainwater trickles down the ceiling strata edge just inside the northern entrance



  At the Home of Boja in Ljubljana, November 29     New Cave in Orleška gmajna, December 4  


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