Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Troštarice Caves near Sežana
Flow Stone

December 18, 2019, 31 pictures

          Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participants who contributed to the making of these pictures and related persons: Claudio Bratos, Ludvik Husu and Natalino Savi. Cave features were named by the author.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2019.

Pečina pod Medvejkom Cave


46139. Moss covered rocks to the north of the entrance



46138. The entrance - view out with Ludvik



46136. Side calcite flow altar below the entrance



46121. More to the inside real draperies begin.



46122. Unicorn flowstone heap with Ludvik and Natalino



46123. The Big Organ - the most impressive draperied column of the cave



46124. Claudio and Natalino on the side slope which leads to the top of the hall.



46125. Ludvik at the curtain bottom ...



46126. ... and at the side of a white-orange-brown flowstone embrace



46127. A small niche with ceiling curtains



46129. A light stalactite in the midst of a darker stalactite ornamented ceiling



46130. Clusters of flowstone outbursts, more recent and lighter in front, darker and older in the background



46132. A flowstone column on the hall's central calcite hill which broke at the bottom, probably millenia ago, but was too close to the ceiling to fall down, just started to lean on it, and is now adorned with a few stalagmites which grew on it after the fall.



46134. Secondary stalagmite heap which grew on an older, slanted and darker piece.



46135. A soot-covered column. Newer research shows that the soot most likely did not come from visitor torches but from forest fires which burned the surrounding forest quite often in recent geological eras.



46120. The New Year festivities are coming - the author and Ludvik



Towards Pečina na Jožkovem partu Cave


46140. A cairn with a delicately supported top head



46141. Another natural Forma viva on display



46142. A large tinder fungus on a decaying pine tree - in near mint condition



New Site, SW of Pečina na Jožkovem partu Cave


46143. A large stone mushroom cap to the south of the excavation site



46144. Natalino just pulled up a bucket, Claudio is busy with pulling rocks from the softer side of a large north-south fault along which the cave is formed. The solid wall is at the right side, the left side is more crumble-prone.



46145. Ludvik is emptying the bucket, Claudio is coming out to stretch his legs.



46146. Natalino just passed a flat rock to Claudio who is tossing it over the pile.



46147. Claudio is digging with Natalino at the bucket haul service.



46148. Natalino and Ludvik - the knee pads attest that the photographer is about to descend to document today's achievement.



46153. View out from the northern side of the excavated little room



46152. View in, towards the corner where the cave continues with a narrow vertical drop of 3 meters.



46149. Spider nest, hanging from the ceiling. The ball is 1.5 cm in diameter at its widest.



46151. A local crack (west-east) along which ...



46150. ... rainwater developed its way directly down, carved into rock of different solubility. The author lowered a headlamp, attached to a rope, down the passage and 3 meters deeper the floor of a small chamber, maybe one meter high, was reached. The draft continues at its left side.



46154. View out with Claudio, Natalino and Ludvik bent over the abyss. The image is too good to be presented here in its raw form, it merits further artistic consideration and a solarized gold version is given as a preview.



    Brezno pri Lužci, December 11     New Cave in Orleška gmajna, January 29, 2020  


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