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To Kokrško sedlo / Kokra Saddle
Alpine Flowers

June 27, 2020, 18 pictures

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47739. View east from the trail Konec - Kokrško sedlo, at the elevation of about 1.100 m, over the dense early summer greenery, towards the Kamniška Bistrica valley



47740. Larch leaf sandwort, Minuartia laricifolia, macesnovolistna črvinka



47741. Alpine toadflax, Linaria alpina, alpska madronščica



47742. Towards the saddle the trail winds up rather steeply, below this wall on the nothern side of the passage.



47743. Limestone fern, Gymnocarpium robertianum, apnenka



47745. View east towards the Kamniška Bistrica valley



47747. The trail from the end of the road to the saddle takes about two hours and a quarter, from the elevation of 900 m to 1800 m, and halfway through this fluffy pet, weighing 10 kg, yet with rather short legs, was at the limit of its walking span. During the last half an hour of the trek head of the family had no other choice but to give it a lift.



47748. View (south) of Cojzova koča hut on the Kokra saddle (elevation 1.793 m) from the trail to Bivak pod Grintovcem. The trail to Kalška gora (2.219 m) below its northern wall is well discernible.



47750. Seguier's buttercup, Ranunculus segueri, Seguierijeva zlatica



47751. Cushion pink, Silene acaulis, brezstebelna lepnica



47752. View north offered a bit of Štruca, 2,457 m while Skuta, 2,532 m, to its right was hidden in the clouds.



47753. Narcissus anemone, Anemone narcissiflora, kobulasta vetrnica



47754. White hellebore, Veratrum album, bela čmerika



47755. Globeflower, Trollius europaeus, navadna pogačica



47757. Northern outcrop of Kalška gora, 2,219 m a. s. l., with a patch of snow and a large vertical cavern



47758. Mountain valerian, Valeriana montana, gorska špajka



47759. Bulgarian columbine, Aquilegia nigricans, velecvetna orlica, against the sun



47760. Play of clouds around the mountain tops above Konec in the late afternoon




  Spodmol v Gamsovem skret / Gamsov skret Rock Shelter, June 26     Kamniška Bistrica river, June 28  


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