Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Mount Porezen, 1.630 m a. s. l.
Bright Southern Outcrop of the Julian Alps

July 12, 2020, 21 pictures

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47906. The trek starts above Zgornja Davča village, at the elevation of about 1.080 meters



47876. Telephoto view of a farm on the opposite side of the valley



47905. After a short walk along the northern flank of the forest a view west opens up, with Porezen peak in the middle.



47878. The trail descends briefly to the valley where it crosses a brook ...



47879. ... and ascends again along a beech and spruce forest of the mountain's eastern slope.



47880. Beech tree roots on the trail



47881. Here and there a small stream flowing down the slope crosses the trail.



47882. At the elevation of about 1.300 meters the trail exits the forest ...



47883. ... and the ascent over the meadows ...



47885. ... towards the peak on the northwest begins.



47888. Telephoto view of Cerkno, to the south of the trail



47886. Southern face of the mountain is rather steep, ...



47890. ... while to the north it is an elongated ridge.



47892. In places the ridge is dotted with pre-WWII fortifications (view south).



47889. View west-northwest towards Krn, 2.244 m - top middle, in the clouds



47891. View east towards Blegoš (1.562 m), top-center right and Koprivnik (1.393 m), top-center left



47894. Dense young beech forest, above the return trail



47896. View of Hoč, 1.514 m, a volcano shaped mountain with a small bald peak, probably with a good outlook in all directions



47897. A grove of Scheuchzer's bellflowers, Campanula scheuchzeri, peeking through the grass



47903. Greenery at the edge of the forest, against the sun



47904. Bride's feathers, Aruncus dioicus



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