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Mala Karlovica Cave
A Lovely Sinkhole

September 16, 2020, 15 pictures

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48287. There are two ways to get to the cave, located south of Dolenja vas, either across the Cerkniško jezero plain, or from the road which runs through the forest above the plain edge. The latter gets you closer more easily and here is a view of the valley, usually flooded twice a year but now mostly dry, taken from the viewpoint along the road, from the west.



48288. A cottage near the trail which connects the road and the valley.



48289. Another view of the polje, Stržen river meanders at the side of it.



48290. A large tinder fungus, probably Fomes fomentarius



48291. View of the polje and Velika Slivnica, 1114 m a. s. l., on the other side



48292. Cave entrance from the outside, the stick on the left is 2 meters long, ...



48293. ... and from the inside.



48302. Contrary to expectations the interior is not immediately blocked by tree trunks and branches, but well passable.



48294. View of the passage which forks off to the north, from the inside



48296. After some 200 meters the main course of this tunnel ends with a lake, which is probably also a siphon.



48297. View back from the lake, like a slot canyon



48299. An ascent to a side passage, to be explored some other time.



48300. Another side passage, painted with light, from the right and from the left (30 second exposure time).



48301. This little lake, view towards inside the cave, can be bypassed easily.



48303. Afternoon view of the polje with Velika Slivnica and the town Cerknica, to the left.



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