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September 9, 2020, 27 pictures

          Most images are approximately 768 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Persons, related to these pictures: Viljem Putik, Janez Kanoni - Žan, Matej Blatnik.

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Jama Preša Cave


48240. The cave is now quite shallow, the entrance filled with rotten branches and other debris. It obviously leads to Najdena jama cave.



To Škofji lom / Bishop's Fracture
(literal translation, the area is named after the house of Škof from Jakovica)


48241. View down (and to the south) the old Trajberca forest track, against the sun



48242. Trajberca opens to meadows after it hits the Planinsko polje plain.



Maocetungova jama / Mao Zedong Cave


48243. The cave, an active ponor of Unica river, is not very long, but has a complex structure and offers many informative insights into the formation of the polje outlet conduits. In the picture: view of the entrance hall from the access wall.



48244. Faceted ceiling, and floor, of a passage into the lower levels of the cave



48245. View from the bottom of the previous picture towards the surface. Light-and-dark stripes are shadows of steel "I" beams which cover the entrance to prevent inflow of tree trunks during the high Unica water level.



48246. The narrow passage leads deeper into the northern flank of Planinsko polje.



48247. Returning up to the entrance was tricky as rather smooth rock floor is covered by a thin layer of very slippery clay.



48248. Closer view of the entrance from the top of the passage



48249. The bottom of the entrance hall was dry, usually a small lake is here.



48250. Spider's web, against the sun



(Velika) jama v Škofjem lomu Cave


48251. The Sword of Damocles rock, at the bottom of the entrance passage, excavated by Putik 140 years ago.



48252. The siphon which connects the cave with neighbouring Žanova jama cave, which is, again, connected to Maocetungova jama cave.



48253. Two fruits of Cornelian cherry, Cornus mas, they fell through the second cave entrance, an 11 meter shaft.



48254. View towards the shaft from the north, from the passage to inner parts of the cave



48255. Limestone strata towards the junction of passages



48256. A passage to the east is blocked by a wall of clay sediment, here painted with light.



From Planinsko polje to Radošca


48257. View towards the west, across Babni dol polje bay, to Planinska gora



48258. Silver-washed fritillary, Argynnis paphia, gospica in Slovenian, seasoned in many battles, but still going strong



48259. A snack: bread, sheep yogurt, cherry tomatoes, a pear, plum jam, apple and plum compote



Cave Radošca 2


48260. View of the new excavation site from the north, down the western collapse doline wall



48261. The hole below the semi-cut-off cave chimney seems shallow at first sight, ...



48265. ... but after two digging excursions ...



48264. ... it is already 2 meters deep.



48263. View out (upwards) from the bottom of the site



48267. A dormouse, Glis glis, on a roof beam, not far from Radošca



48266. Matej's bicycle. He just arrived from Kranjska gora, over 120 km away, where he spent the past week on foot, hiking the 150-mile Juliana trail.



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