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September 5, 2020, 30 pictures

          Most images are approximately 768 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Persons, related to these pictures: Zvonko Samsa and his guests, Janez Kanoni - Žan and Renato Verbovšek - René.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2020.

Planinsko polje


48190. The sun is peeking through the morning mist above Planinsko polje, as seen from the road Laze - Planina.



From Ravbar Tower to the Cave


48209. A dozen of bikers from the Maribor region came to visit Paradiž (Paradise), the most beautiful passage at the end of cave's Pivka branch, accessible after a demanding voyage in inflatable boats. In the picture: half of the bikes, the sport bikes with the two guardians, cruisers were on the left, out of this picture.



48192. The green and the blue view from the trail to the cave



48198. The bridge over Unica river - it carries part of the stream, diverted at the cave entrance, and pedestrians.



48204. Upstream of the bridge, along the trail, there is an overflow channel. It takes surplus water, so that the hydroelectric power station, situated a stone's trow away downstream, and the bridge, do not get too much water.



48196. Eastern side of the bridge, where ...



48195. ... the water from the overflow canal ...



48194. ... lands in a jet, when the water level is high, as it is now.



48193. Unica riverbed downstream from the cave entrance is quite wide - here is the eastern side of it ...



48197. ... and the western side.



48199. All kinds of wet-loving plants thrive here, also on tree trunks.



48200. Distant view of cave entrance, from the riverbed



48201. Purple loosestrife, Lythrum salicaria, with cave entrance in the background



48203. Pristine overhangs in the western canyon wall, a climbing challenge



Planinska jama Cave


48206. A large descending balcony in the eastern passage wall, deeper inside the entrance, its edge emphasized by light ...



48207. ... here it is seen illuminated from the side.



48210. A rock pillar at the end of the passable part of the old trail ...



48224. ... here also seen from the Pivka river bed (top right).



48212. The beach upstream of the Pivka river sump



48213. Strange hole in the wall on the other side of Pivka, in the form of a bat with extended wings



48218. River rapids from the side, a long exposure photo



48219. Roughly cut wall across the river and its reflection



48214. Part of the Maribor boating party on return



48216. Zvonko, Planinska jama cave guide



48222. Upstream view of a hall, the last accessible on foot. At the right are remnants of a wooden trail, built between the WWI and WWII by Italian army. As the cave entrance was very close, at the time, to the border between Italy and Yugoslavia, there were plans to make an underground tunnel through which Italian tanks could drive to the border unnoticed. The trail depicted here was part of preparatory works.



48223. Even after 90 years parts of the trail are still in place above the river. When the author and René visited the cave in 1967, this part of the trail, and a certain further part, was still passable. Planinska jama was a popular destination, Rak river branch was not yet completely explored, the two and Žan visited it quite often, and Žan now lives in the neighbourhood.


48221. A troglobite cave crab and a centipede feasting on a fish (about 7 cm long), which traveled in the river, over 10 km underground before being washed ashore here.



48226. Corroded riverbank rocks. At the left there is some man-made object below the surface.



48228. Rock noses at the place, where the return trail starts to descend to the river.



Planinsko polje


48229. Late afternoon view across the polje, to Planinska gora hill, against the sun



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