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Mačkovica Cave
Wider Views of Mala dvorana / Little Hall

January 30, 2021, 18 pictures

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Klojerca Cave


48870. Once it was a small path that led to the cave, from the cart track Planina railway station - Laze village, now it is now a wide barren clearing. Only the uprooted hazel bush on the left, and not only this one, testifies to the fact that heavy machinery was at work.



48868. The path was widened when felled spruces were pulled out of the doline near the cave, now only the stumps have remained.



48869. The entrance to the cave has also been considerably altered. There are two 110 l plastic barrels in it, most likely intended to be placed at the bottom of the pit, where they would be filled with water and then, during the drought season, poured down the fissure. Observers in the Eastern tunnel of Mačkovica cave, which would wait for the event to happen, would notice a water current down the tunnel wall or ceiling above which the Klojerca cave is situated. If the water would not show up, however, it would mean that the two caves are not directly connected (see the cave map).



Entrance of Mačkovica


48871. View from the clearing near the collapse doline with the entrance to the cave towards Planinsko polje valley and Mt. Planinska gora



48872. View from the entrance of the cave towards the outside. In addition to the fresh rocks on the floor, of a characteristic ochre color, a cone of earth (top middle) on top of the rock pile is also new.



48873. View from the outside to the edge of the wall above the entrance with a fresh signs of a rock slide.



48874. A little further on from the entrance, the tunnel height lowers considerably.



48875. View from the tunnel to the rocks of the entrance hall and its ceiling



Mala dvorana / Little Hall


48893. View of the Little Hall from the incoming tunnel. Painting with light, exposure time 440 seconds (7 minutes and 20 seconds).



48877. Little Hall from the Connecting tunnel which leads deeper into the cave.



48879. Calcite pans on the northwest side of the hall



48887. Calcite draperies above the pans



48882. A lake with a calcite hill on the east side



48885. View from the room below the hall to the low passage which leads to Laški rov tunnel. The passage below and the edge of the rock strata (above) are accentuated by additional light.



48883. View back from the low passage towards the Little Hall



48888. Snack: boiled spinach and Swiss chard with chickpeas, sunflower oil, mixed corn bread, garlic, apple, black grapes, cranberry juice and black grape juice with vegetable water



48889. Large canapé with apple slices



48891. Rocks in the Connecting tunnel, towards the Hall under the Chimney



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