Primož Jakopin, photo diary

The Northern Edge of Planinsko polje Valley

February 3, 2021, 16 pictures

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Škofji lom Bay


48898. View from the edge of the field to Maocetung Cave, with a small waterfall falling into it and to the valley with the branch of Unica river which flows to the cave



48899. The lower entrance to the Jama v Škofjem lomu Cave is already dry, but firmly closed with alluvium. There will be quite a bit of work in the spring to make it passable again.



48900. View of an Africa-like sinkhole slightly upstream, just before the Trajberca cart track



Pod stenami Bay (Below the Walls)


48901. View from under the wall to the Unica riverbed, which here is divided into two branches, the east and the west one.



48916. View of the eastern, larger artificially enlarged sinkhole - its iron grate is still over half a meter below the water level.



48902. View along the Unica riverbed to the northwest



48908. Entrance to the Mala jama Pod stenami ...



48904. ... and a view from the entrance towards the outside



48906. View from the entrance towards the inside of the cave, which soon ends in alluvium.



48907. Window in the ceiling of the entrance hall on the north-west side



48910. Entrance to Fortunatova jama Cave as seen from the outside ...



48909. ... and from within



48913. View back towards the entrance side from the passage which leads towards the hall



48912. Eastern part of the Great Hall



48915. The first primrose this year, Primula vulgaris



Članska vas Shelter


48917. A snack: cooked spinach and chard with chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, corn bread, half of (a large) apple, grape juice with vegetable water



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