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Jama Golobina near the Village Dane
Even without a Boat, there is a Lot to be Seen

March 3, 2021, 11 pictures

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Križna jama


49069. View through the iron bars of the entrance fence towards the cave interior



Jama Golobina


49073. The dry, walled riverbed of Obrh in front of the cave, view to the east



49074. Entrance to the cave, from the riverbed - a slightly sloping stone bottom of the tunnel descends in a bend towards the south.



49075. View from the cave towards the entrance



49076. After about 100 meters the tunnel from the entrance hall reaches the lower, water level of the cave, which is otherwise 752 m long. In the picture - side tributary, it flows from the north.



49082. View across the tributary bed, towards the light



49077. The cave continues with the water tunnel, where a boat would be needed.



49079. A view back along the tunnel, over a pond that can be bypassed in boots.



49083. View from the shore back towards the passage which leads to the entrance hall.



49084. The largest "keyhole" the writer of these lines has ever seen in Slovenian caves, at the top of a side tunnel. It measures about 7 meters from the bottom to the top.



49086. View from the top of the passage which leads towards the lower level of the cave, back towards the entrance hall, against the light



49087. View from above the Obrh riverbed, near the cave, to the east, along Loško polje towards Racna gora (1140 m)



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