Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Radošca 2 and Planinska jama caves
Wednesday's Afternoon Stroll

March 17, 2021, 11 pictures

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Radošca 2


49117. View of the excavation site at the bottom of the Rado Radešček collapse doline, the tarpaulin protects it from rain.



49118. View from the top to the bottom of the site, it is already more than 4 meters deep.



49121. Rock ribs in the west wall above the bottom, all the other sides are in the collapse.



49122. A piton and a rope to which a pulley is attached, to pull out a bucket.



49120. On the platform in front of the cave, larger excavated stones are stacked.



49123. On departure previously gray sky turned to blue with white clouds.



Planinska jama


49124. Entrance to the cave, from the path



49125. Sparkling water below the entrance dam



49126. View of the entrance platform from the side tunnel



49127. A solitary stone outcrop on the north side of the tunnel



49128. Lake in the entrance hall, from the top of the tunnel collapse hill



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