Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Jama v Škofjem lomu
Passage to Putikov rov - Putik's Tunnel

April 5 and 7, 2021, 30 pictures

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April 5, 2021


49199. On Easter Monday, the sun warmed ...



49207. ... grassy heads that were bathing in its light.



49206. The lower entrance to the cave had to be excavated, as predicted, and the author brought with him the tools in the picture. However, he used only a garden rake and all three pairs of gloves. Good leather ones for dry grass, afterwards it went for a while, not for long, with more worn out leather gloves, and, for the most of the work, with rubber ones as the debris was very wet.



49198. The entrance to the cave was nicely hidden at the beginning ...



49200. ... but slowly it became ...



49201. ... more and more ...



49202. ... visible.



49203. The only beautiful excavation was this snail house.



49204. Removed branches on the right bank ...



49205. ... and about a cubic meter of dry grass, smaller branches, and mud thrown to the left.



49208. Half open entrance, the draft was getting stronger.



49209. View of the interior of the main tunnel with an abyss in the ceiling, from below the rock "Sword of Damocles"



49211. View towards the rock from the inside of the tunnel ...



49210. ... here in a closer view.



49212. While painting with light just before the end of the main tunnel, the author slipped on the wet mud when moving from left to right, the light also turned towards the camera lens and this shot was taken.



49213. Repeated photo, no fall this time



49214. View over Babni dol on the way back, the sun was gone. The climb over the step, needed to access the Putik's tunnel, which leads deeper into the cliff, remained for the next time. Length of the ladder required for the ascent was estimated at just under three meters.



April 7, 2021


49220. The ladder was completed, and a snack followed: Easter egg, bread, onion, Tolminc cheese, coconut water with hot water.



49221. This wide and smooth new road (right) was recently made - it forks off the Trajberca forest track.



49222. Entrance to the cave, a little snowy, but not too much



49223. The ladder is installed at a slightly overhanging step. It is 2.9 meters long, has ten 45 cm long hazel rungs, spaced 25 cm apart, the sides are two dry trunks, one spruce and one deciduous tree, probably aspen. The weight of the ladder is estimated at less than 10 kg.



49232. View from Putik's tunnel back towards the main tunnel. Of the ladder, only the top of one side is visible (lower middle).



49233. There are two windows from the tunnel into the main tunnel - here the southern passage is shown.



49231. The tunnel continues in a horizontal stretch with a shallow pond, the stones in it facilitate the passage.



49230. View across the pond back towards the beginning of the tunnel



49229. Side niche with inflow from the chimney



49226. View further down the tunnel towards the interior



49228. After 30 meters, the horizontal part of the passage ends. It is followed by an about 4-meter step down with a visible continuation. The author had a rope to climb it, but he had nowhere to attach it, and no gear to make an anchor. So it was time to return.



49234. On the way back, the author put the ladder on the shelf with the help of a long stick, where it will probably be safe at least from high waters.



49235. During the making of the ladder there was a snowstorm, but now the sun was up again.



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