Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Jama v Škofjem lomu
Putikov rov - Putik's Tunnel

April 14 and 21, 2021, 22 pictures

          Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Andrej Drevenšek - Vrtnar participated in the making of these photos.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2021.


April 14, 2021


49246. Two cats are enjoying the sun next to the outbuilding of the pr'Adam farm in Podutik.



49247. There was still a lot of water on Planinsko polje - a view of Unica, it flows to the east, towards Škofji lom.



49248. The water stream into the cave or better, the sinkhole on the west side of the was also quite strong.



49249. At first glance, the access to the lower cave entrance was only covered with debris ...



49250. ... however, it turned out that it was half flooded with inflowing water.



49251. View up the flooded riverbed, towards Mao Zedong cave



49252. Andrej climbed over the door to the lower entrance to check the situation up close.



49253. A view through the door lattice into the interior of the entrance with rapids. It was no piece of cake to make this photo.



49254. View to the west with reflection of the sky in the pool by the riverbed, on the way back



April 21, 2021


49265. First we went to the end of the main tunnel - Andrej just crawled back after the loop at the very end.



49277. A view upwards the step where the author turned back during his last visit to Putik's tunnel. This time, we joined forces and passed the slippery slope at the beginning without any problems, and it was also not difficult to proceed.



49276. The tunnel continues below the step, and the passage to the lower floor soon opens - here it is shown from the bottom up.



49275. The tunnel turns away from the field again, and it gets quite low.



49273. Andrej proceeded fearlessly, and after about fifteen meters the tunnel widened, and it was possible to straighten up a bit - here a view back is shown.



49272. Diagonally backwards, a passage opened to an even lower floor, with a pond, probably a siphon.



49271. Andrej went to have a look, with his feet forward ...



49267. ... and was very pleased when he managed to crawl back.



49268. The tunnel ahead is enforced by wooden mine supports. In the 1880s, Viljem Putik tried to excavate a continuation here. The author was last here at the end of the winter of 1967, and in 54 years, Putik's trunks, now 140 years old, have not changed much. Constant humidity prevented the wood to rot.



49269. View back from the beginning of the supported part, to both participants of the excursion



49270. The passage forward should be excavated again. According to Andrej, the cave is just right, varied enough, with two entrances and a few circular sections, for a cave survey filed trip of the yearly DZRJL caving school.



49279. At the top of the ladder on the way back



49280. The late afternoon sun shines through the sparse forest above Trajberca forest track.



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