Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Boybuloq 2021
Getting to Dehibolo

July 31 - August 3, 2021, 22 pictures

          Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Full names of the most visible persons, present in the pictures: Evgenij Sakulin - Ženja Odin, Evgenij Rybka - Ženja Dva, Alexandre Honiat, Théophile Cailhol and Pauline Georges.
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Istanbul Airport, July 31


49872. In recent years the airport has become the gateway to the east (and also to Africa), here is its lobby with the passage from the lower part to the upper part



Tashkent, August 1


49873. Ženja had the most remarkable, barefoot shoes, and socks to go with it.



49874. The ceiling of the main building, where spices and the like are sold, in Chorsu Bazaar



49875. Richly ornamented large round plate from the bazaar



49876. Expedition participants are resting in the garden of the Asia Adventures headquarters, Tupik Mukanna street.



49877. In the evening the expedition embarked on the Tashkent-Termiz sleeper train.



Boysun, August 2


49878. In the train it was a four-bed-per compartment arrangement, Alex's feet are still dangling from the upper floor, while Pauline noticed the phone camera and moved hers out of sight just in time.



49879. Not only in Europe but elsewhere in the west water toilets now contribute to about a third of the household water consumption. This dry toilet operates without water. Dry toilets may seem a distant history to most of us, but actually it is not quite so. The first toilet the writer of these lines recalls was quite similar to the one in the picture, though its surface was a wooden box with a circular opening on top, on which it was possible to sit. It was in the early fifties of the past century and the family lived in a village, Leskovec pri Krškem, before moving to Ljubljana in 1956.



49880. Ženja, the maverick, can go where the fainthearted can not, fresh from the shower, with dazzling hair. Like Ženja Dva he knows very well that the abbreviation ŽeNat stands for Ženja and Natalija.



From Boysun to Dehibolo, August 3


49881. Loading the all-terrain truck early in the morning



49882. The first river crossing was after the descent from the mountain pass, in Dugobà - the high waters swept away part of the bridge support rendering it unusable.



49883. The second crossing was, as could be expected, after the second mountain pass, in Kurganchà. The route followed the riverbed.



49885. In places the road was constructed on a rock bench above the river, ...



49884. ... before descending back into the gorge. In the distant wall is a cave, named after Alexander the Great, whose army crossed these corridors during the passage to India.



49886. Here the cave is seen in a closer view.



49887. View back to Kurganchà and the Hodjà-Gur-Gur-Atà mountain ridge, famous for the Dark Star cave. Theo sits in front, lower right.



49889. Holtan-Chashma water source at the left of the road, below the Dehibolò village, ...



49890. ... here seen up close, with Pauline. The spring is connected to the lowest siphon of Boybuloq, 7 kilometers away.



49893. One last view back to the gorge ...



49891. ... and the road started to ascend to the village, hidden behind the trees in the upper part of the horizon.



49894. Discharging the gear and the supplies from the truck ...



49896. ... on a pile from where it will be loaded onto 14 pack donkeys and carried to the base camp.



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