Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Boybuloq 2021
Holidin Kudratulaevič and his family

August 18, 2021, 28 pictures

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At Holidin's summer home


50348. The hen with her offspring, early in the morning. The family had 6 cows, 130 goats and kids, 3 donkeys, 21 hens and chickens, a cat and a guard dog, Tigr.



50349. View of the small field and the house from the south, with Chul-Bair foothills and the ridge itself on the horizon



50350. - 50353. A panoramic view of the Buzraha ridge (left and center) to Chul-Bair ridge (right); Hodja-Gur-Gur-Ata ridge is in the background. A click on the photo brings it in full resolution.



50354. View of Dehibolo from above the house



50356. Poultry



50357. Breakfast



50388. Photo of the family, taken from the from the south



50358, 61, 69, 71, 78 and 80. Holidin, Dilafruz, Mihrangiz, Farangiz, Muboriz and Parviz.



50377. Parviz is playing with the cat.



50396. The family close to top of the hill, against the sun



50397. Farangiz and Mihranbiz



50384. Muboriz and Farangiz



50393. Family with Primož; photo by Holidin



Return to the Dehibolo village


50398. Goats, released from the fenced shelter, depart to pasture higher in the mountain.



50399. A convoy of pack donkeys with a strange cargo, on the way back to the village.



50400. Closer view reveals they are carrying timber for a new house, two logs each.



50402. Morning view of Dehibolo from the east



50403. Three freshly planted young walnut trees. The trunks are not visible, they are protected by an envelope of cut bush branches, as protection against goats. In the middle the irrigation tube is also visible.



50404. Muboriz on the donkey



50405. View of the Kušona ridge from Dehibolo



50406. The house of the second grocery store in the village, from the south



50408. View west down the road to Kurgancha



50409. Metal water jug on the terrace fence in Sadik's home, for hand washing



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