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Malanca cave and Stony boot from Radošca 2
A little damaged, but still very cute

January 26, 2022, 12 pictures

          Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Participants and persons, mentioned in text: Jaka Jakofčič and Matevž Hreščak.

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50774. Jaka, equipped with two sets of three bars of ribbed concrete iron with a diameter of 16 mm. They will strengthen the collapse wall at the bottom of the passage. The path to get there will be long and not an easy one.



50775. Green spleenwort, Asplenium viride, a fern that thrives in a warmer collapse dolines such as Petnjak even in winter.



50776. Matevž from Škofije, near Ankaran, will join Jaka




Tavčarjeva jama

50777. After the meeting at Petnjak, there was still some time left, and the team leader suggested a visit to a cave, more suitable to the author's capabilities and not too far away. In the photo: sunset over the karst meadow east of the cave.



50778. The entrance opens under the wall on the east side of a doline. The online map showed the way to the cave a little differently than it should, but the word of a local couple quickly put things in order.



50779. View inside at the end of the cave, which descends nicely from the entrance, 140 meters far. Shortly before the end, hopefully paleotologists, dug a one and a half meter deep pit with a diameter of over two meters into the clay floor. As usual, they left the clean up to someone else, so you have to go on all fours to avoid slipping into the hole. At the very end of the tunnel, someone was looking for a continuation and after two meters of a solid dig he gave up.



50780. Looking back towards the largest space in the cave, the hall.



50781. Same hall, only seen from the entrance tunnel, from the west side



50784. Another view from the flat lower part of the tunnel towards the slope which leads to the entrance



50785. Flowstone-covered stone, a study on how to illuminate Claudio's limonite ball at the bottom of Sancin's cave



50786. The same stone, a little more conventionally lit, on top animal footprints (cat?) are also visible.



50787. Another stone, without concretions, illuminated vertically from above



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