Primož Jakopin, Tenerife, end of May 2002

Las Cañadas del Teide, 17 pictures

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Ascent from the west

5332. Forests of Canarian island pine, Pinus canariensis dominate the western route to Las Cañadas del Teide

5365. A view to Pico de Teide from Montaña Chinyero late in the afternoon

5364. A bush of Tenerife daisy, Argyranthemum teneriffae on the slope of Montaña Samara

5363. Pico de Teide and Pico Viejo with thin pine forest in the foreground

5361. A view to the northwest late in the afternoon with clouds and La Palma island on the horizon

5360. Pico Viejo with ash flows Narices del Teide and Pico de Teide

5359. Pico Viejo and Pico de Teide with solidified, plowed-earth-like lava field Llano de la Santidad in the foreground

5333. The ridge on the south of La Caldera

5358. Los Roques de Garcia with Pico de Teide in the background

5357. The road just before Los Roques is cut into green (olivin?) strata

5354. Montaña Guajára, 2.717 m, from the WNW

5287. Montaña Majúa from the northwest with bushes of Teide broom, Spartocytisus supranubius in the foreground

5288. Solidified, plowed-earth-like lava field to the north of Montaña Majúa

5289. A heap of Teide straw, Descurainia bourgeauana, on the north slope of Montaña Majúa

5290. Montaña Guajára from the top of Montaña Majúa, lava fields in the foreground

5355. The small unpaved road passes the northern side of Montaña Majúa, Pico de Teide in the background

5356. Teide straw, Descurainia bourgeauana, heaps on the northern slope of Montaña Majúa, against the evening light

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