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Los Roques de Garcia, 22 pictures

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Eastern side of the trail

5291. La Ruleta rock group from the east late in the afternoon

5292. A view to the rocks with Cinchado at the left and Pico de Teide in the background

5334. La Ruleta from the south

5335. The Cinchado rock from the south

5336. A view from the trail to the east, with yellow Teide straw, Descurainia bourgeauana in the foreground

5337. The Cinchado rock from the east

5338. Tower of jewels, Echium wildpretii, on a rock bank some 10 m above ground

5339. A carved rock statue with green bush of Teide broom, Spartocytisus supranubius in the foreground

5340. La Torre Blanca from the southeast

Western side of the trail

5341. NNE rim of Los Roques de Garcia range, with solid basalt river in the pass between the two rocks; a view from the southwest

5342. Northeastern rim, a view from the west

5343. Northern rim, with Pico de Teide barely visible, a view from the south

5344. Northern rim, with Pico de Teide in the middle, a view from the south

5345. Basalt rocks form the bottom of the valley at the west of Los Roques

5346. Middle group of Los Roques, a view from the south

5347. Lotus campylocladus in the basalt rock

5348. Teide-scabious, Pterocephalus lasiospermus in the basalt rock

5349. The only bush, in size close to a tree, around 5 m high, in the area

5350. Cinchado and La Ruleta from the west

5351. La Catedral, a view from the north

5352. A view from the south to the canyon below Los Roques

5353. Southernmost peak with Llano de Ucanca in the background

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