Primož Jakopin, Tenerife 2002

Pico de Teide, end of May, 23 pictures

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Around the lower station (2.356 m) of Teleférico del Teide

5285. Three towers of jewels, Echium wildpretii (Tajinaste Rojo in Spanish) with yellow Teide straw, Descurainia bourgeauana, below the Teleférico parking lot

5286. Tower of jewels, Echium wildpretii, detail

5264. The cabin close to the station

The trail from the upper station (3.555 m) of Teleférico to the viewpoint above Pico Viejo

5281. Natural window in the rocks at the SE corner of the station

5282. Snow in the rock

5284. Snow between the rocks to the south of the trail

5283. Fist-like rock below the trail, Llano de la Santidad and the southern rim of La caldera in the background

El Pilón, 3.718 m

5280. Leopoldo, Jorge and Javier, the guards at the turnpike where the trail to the top begins

5279. Solidified lava tongues to the left (south) of the trail

5274. The trail is over 1 m wide and paved with stones

5277. The slope to the right (north) of the trail

5278. Small patches of grass here and there are the only visible flora on the way to the top

5268. The crater itself is relatively small - a view from the top to SE

5267. Southern rim of the crater with Llano de Ucanca, Llano de Santidad and southern rim of La Caldera in the background

5276. Southern rim of the crater, close up, from below

5275. The top, with sulphuric fumes, is at the NW part of the crater

5271. The first (left from below) small fumarole on the crater slope below the top - the hole is about 5 cm in diameter

5273. Second fumarole is bigger and with clearly visible sulphur crystals

5272. Second fumarole - close up

5265. P. Jakopin on top, viewed from the north

5266. A view from top to the north - Santa Cruz hidden in the clouds

5269. A view from top to the northwest, the valleys in clouds

5270. The top with the backpack - a lot of good food went up and down again, 1 hour time-slot for the top postponed lunch a little bit

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