Primož Jakopin, Tenerife, end of May 2002

Drago Millenario Botanical Garden in Icod de los Vinos, 10 pictures

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5235. Nauplius sericeus with three blooms

5236. Nauplius sericeus with fi ve blooms

5238. Echium simplex, detail

5239. Parrot's beak, Lotus berthelotii (Pico de Paloma in Spanish) one of the most exquisite Canarian endemites

5240. Rooster with two hens

5242. Purple passion fruit, Passiflora edulis

5243. Cat thyme, Teucrium marum

5244. Rooster, two hens and another rooster singing

5245. Giant velvet rose, Aeonium canariense, bloom

5246. Dragon tree, Dracaena draco

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