Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Tunisia, June 2006, part I

All images are 266 x 400 pixels in size; a click will get a 567 x 800 pixel version on some of them. Numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original shots (2048 x 3072 pixels). Full names of participants in the pictures: Dondon - Mohamed Tiouiri, Ahmed Tiouiri, Maima Tiouiri, Zied Boujnah, Ahmed and Abdelhak Nabli. Copyright (c) P. Jakopin 2006

Zaghouan and Grotte Préhistorique

Approaching Zaghouan from the East

11621. Sunset on the dry meadows north of Djebel Zaghouan

11622. Djebel Zaghouan from the northeast

In front of Grotte Préhistorique

11623. Ahmed N.

11624. Zied

11625. Omaima

11626. Abdelhak

11627. Dondon

11628. Entrance shaft, Omaima on the aluminum ladder

11629. Dondon at the bottom of the first shaft

11630. Dondon climbing out of the entrance

11631. Zied with the rope

11632. Dondon, Omaima and Abdelhak with ski sunglasses

11633. Zied, Abdelhak, Dondon and Omaima above the entrance

11635. Omaima rolling up the ladder

11636. The ridge to the north of the cave

11637. A view to the eastern plain

11638. Omaima slipped on the gravel

11639. Zied

11640. Ahmed N. resting

11641. Snack on the junction with the main road to the top of Djebel Zaghouan: Ahmed N., Zied, Dondon, Abdelhak and Omaima

11642. Omaima

Zaghouan, Rue de Tunis

11643. Ahmed T. on the roadside

11646. The Tiouiri family

11645. Ahmed T.

Zaghouan, Centre Ville

11647. The speleo place, downtown Zaghouan, arranged by Dondon

   II - Ain Zekindjouf  

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