Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Tunisia, June 2006, part II

All images are 266 x 400 pixels in size; a click will get a 567 x 800 pixel version on some of them. Numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original shots (2048 x 3072 pixels). Full names of participants in the pictures: Mustafa, Mohamed Ali, Chadlia, Agitef, Rim and Abir Slimane. Copyright (c) P. Jakopin 2006

Ain Zekindjouf

Ascent to the Village from Zaghouan

11648. The donkey of Mustafa's daughter in the shadow at the roadside

11649. Barley field in front of Djebel Ahmar

11650. The donkey carrying provisions, bought in Zaghouan, and Mustafa

11651. Mustafa, his elder daughter and two relatives on the barley field

11653. Harvesting barley

At the House of Mustafa

11654. Mohamed Ali in the stable with the black cow

11659. Abir

11661. Mustafa applauding to the rhytm of the music

11662. Mustafa, and dancing Abir

11664. The house of Mustafa with Mustafa and Mohamed Ali in the doorway

11665. Djebel Ahmar behind the village

11666. Agitef, Mustafa, Chadlia, Mohamed Ali, Abir and Rim in the yard

11667. Mohamed Ali, Mustafa, Chadlia, Agitef, Abir and Rim below the mountain

Descent to Zaghouan

11679. A view down the road with a rider and the walls of Djebel Ahmar

11680. The blooms of wild onions

11681. An olive tree

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