Primož Jakopin

Žirje 2013 Report

Žirje, Šibenik, Žirje

June 1, 2, 3 and 4


It was a rainy day, June 1


17765. Breakfast: cous-cous porridge with ground poppy seeds, bananas, cherries, strawberries and cranberries


17766. Mullein, Verbascum phlomoides blooms on the saddle between Muna and Koromašna


17767. Port of Muna: there were only three passengers on the evening ferry to Šibenik.


17768. View of the Kornati archipelago from the port, under the gray sky, opening slightly after the rain. The air made an unusual effect on the silhouettes of particularly small islands - they looked like ships from the distance, bow and stern extending from the hull.


Around the south of the island, June 2


17770. Breakfast: Quinoia porridge with ground poppy seeds, bananas, cherries, strawberries, black grapes and cranberries


17772. On the road from above Koromašna to Stupica vela bay


17773. Dark-yellow with brown speckles, Polygonia aegea




17774. The English side of the new paneau with description of the Byzantinian fort


17775. Cave entrance - the 30 m shaft is just wide enough to accomodate a caver on the ladders.


17776. Cave entrance from a small bird's eye view, the majority of the shaft entrance is covered by concrete iron grid.


Škrovadica island


17777. The small island below the Gradina fort ruin can be reached on foot - there is no proper trail but the direction is marked by small stone pyramids in critical places (možic in Slovenian) and long trousers with good footwear are certainly recommended to allow good grip on sharp rock edges and to protect the feet in thorny shrubs (no flip-flops and swimwear). The channel between Žirje and Škrovadica is not deep, can be walked through, the sea depth is between the knees and the most private part.


17798. Pebble tip of Žirje, the channel and Škrovadica island in the background


17799. On the western side of the tip there is a small patch of sand, the only seen on the island


17800. View west from below the Gradina fort ruins, island Škrovada in the distance


17801. Bloom of Morning glory, Calystegia soldanella


17803. Two bumble-bees feeding on a thistle bloom, Onopordum illyricum L.


17804. A bumble-bee feeding on a thistle bloom, Onopordum illyricum L.



17806. Stupica mala bay with Kabal peninsula in the distance


17807. Niche in the rock strata


17808. The sea and clouds over Kaprije and islands in front of Šibeniška vrata / Šibenik channel


Back to Muna


17835. Late afternoon view of the Uvala Prisliga bay, from the southeast


17836. On the road to Stupica vela bay


17837. A nautic she-tourist on the way back from Muna to one of the two Stupica bays


17838. Sunset over Kornati archipelago, from the forest above the eastern cape of the Muna bay


Restocking the supplies / Trip to Šibenik, June 3


17839. Breakfast: Bulgur and quinoia porridge, bananas, cherries, strawberries, oranges and cranberries


17840. Crkva Gospe van grada / Church of the Holy Mother of God outside Town was built in 1740.


17841. Church has an altair with beautiful pillars and a very special, exquisite ceiling decoration.


17842. On the western side of the church is a park with a moss-covered fountain


17843. Yellow-bellied slider turtles, Trachemys scripta scripta, were brought to the fountain and now there is 70 of them around it.


17844. The fountain


Šibeniška katedrala / Šibenik Cathedral


17845. Cathedral in being renovated and, with all the scaffolding, reminds one of the church maze from the Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose


17846. View of the dome and the belt of side windows from below


17847. Church dome, close view from below


17848. The wall above the church entrance, view from inside


17849. Larger circular vitrage window in the wall above the church entrance, view from inside


17850. The altair


Back on Žirje


17851. Supper: chard with potatoes, carrots and onions, green salad with farmer's cheese from Šibenik open market, garlic, chard water


17852. Dessert: compote of soaked dry figs and apples, strawberries, nut cake from Šibenik pastry shop, bread, honey from Šibenik open market


St. Nicholas Church in Mikavica Bay


17853. Interior of the church


17854. A page from notebook with visitor impressions


17855. Church from the outside, from the west


From Mikavica along the northern shore


17856. Not far from the bottom of the bay there is an abandoned military underground shelter - view from inside out


17858. Underground shelter - view from the shore


17859. Fossil shell remnants in the stone plate


17860. Early evening sky, half an hour before sunset, view north-north-west


17862. Fisher on duty, slowly proceeding not far from the shore


17863. The sea with the fisher and the sunset sky


South of the island again, June 4


17865. Breakfast: cous-cous porridge with grated apples, nectarines, bananas, cherries, strawberries, black grapes and cranberries


17867. An Alfa Romeo, reserved for future use, on the plot of land near the Koromašna crossroads


17869. Such stone huts were once used for shelter by the shepherds


17868. Stone hut - interior view to the ceiling


17870. Pebble cape below Gradina with Škrovadica island


17873. Moth, Zygaena ephialtes, feeding on a thistle bloom, side view


17874. Moth, Zygaena ephialtes, on a thistle bloom, with a scarab, top view


Supper in Muna


17877. Main course: potatos, onions and celery, homemade salami, green salad


17878. Dessert: compote of soaked dry figs and nectarines, porridge with ground poppy seeds, maize bread, honey


To Northwestern Cape


17879. Just before Mikavica there is a sign Kraj asfalta / End of paved road.


17880. Late afternoon view of Žirje from the road just below the Vela glava fortification


17881. Sunset view of the Kornati archipelago from below the ruin on NW cape


   III - Southern coast   V - Three islands SE of Žirje: Gušteranski, Hrbošnjak and Mažirina  

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