Primož Jakopin

Žirje 2013 Report

Three islands SE of Žirje: Gušteranski, Hrbošnjak and Mažirina /
A dinghy trip from Uvala Prisliga bay to the southeast and back, 6 nautical miles

June 5


To Uvala Prisliga


17882. Breakfast: polenta with grated apples, oranges, bananas, cherries, strawberries and cranberries


17883. The road above Stupica vela bay - view southeast


Otok Gušteranski / Lizard Island


17884. The island from the northwest, from the dinghy


17885. Caraway, Carum carvi?, blooms


17886. Leaves of caraway


17887. Dry blooms of ?


17888. The island has no harbour, it is best to pull the dinghy ashore in one or two places on the northern shore, where stone plates gently descend into the sea.


17889. Dry blooms of ?


17890. Close view of the abandoned Southern barracks on Žirje, below the Zvizdulje hill


17892. Western tip of Gušteranski with Žirje in the distance


17891. View to the southeastern cape of Žirje with island Mažirina


17893. View north from the top of the island, Žirje left and middle in the distance, Kakan island on the very left


17895. View northeast from the top, Žirje, Kakan and Kaprije islands in the distance


17896. View east with islands west of Zlarin in the distance


17897. View northeast from the top of the island, islands Kakan and Kaprije in the distance


17898. The island lives up to its name, sand lizards abound and seem to be especially well grown.


17899. Strata on the northeastern shore


17900. Eastern side of Gušteranski is not steep and not much overgrown


Island Hrbošnjak, could also be called Island of Seagulls


17901. Island from the northwest


17902. Three seagulls in flight


17903. Seagull in flight


17904. On the island there are large groves of Lady's mantle, Alchemilla vulgaris, the plant is usually solitary on other islands.


17905. Seagulls in the air, Mažirina in the distance


17906. View east-south-east, towards the land, seagulls in the air


17907. Top of the island looks like a nice meadow, but a step or two discovers grikes and thorny shrubs.


17908. Lighthouse on top of the island, Mažirina in the distance


17909. Two seagulls, horizontally


17910. Two seagulls, vertically


17911. Silvergreen grass, ?


17912. On the eastern shore there is a small pier and a staircase, obviously made to aid servicing of the lighthouse.


17914. Hrbošnjak from the southwest, and a disappearing cloud above it


Island Mažirina, the majestic of the three islands


17915. Mažirina from Hrbošnjak


17916. Vis island, over 40 nautical miles away, attracted a lavish cover of clouds


17917. The sea was changing from calm to small waves, and the way to Prisliga bay was not a short one for a dinghy. Worries mounted after two hours as the sea went from 2 to 3 - 4 on the Beaufort scale and the water from deflected waves started to sip in the dinghy.


17918. Twice curved strata above the eastern shore


17919. Eastern coast is calm but strata inclination makes landing too difficult, use of anchor is required


17920. Exposed strata rim above the shore


17921. Top of the island is relatively flat, but shrubs with dry branches overgrown by the new greenery makes any advance without heavy duty mountain shoes and long trousers very painful.


17922. View across the Mažirina - Žirje channel


17923. Žirje from the southeast


17925. Northeastern rim of the hilltop, dry land in clouds on the horizon


17926. Jagged rocks protrude from the surface on the northeastern side of the island, Žirje in the distance


17927. On the edge of a cliff


17928. Island has no visible caves but many other karst phenomena such as deep grikes and holes.


17929. On the border between the shrubs and barren shore to the sea, view from the northwest


17930. Bend in the strata inclination makes a steep cliff above the northeastern shore


17931. Crushed strata above the eastern shore


17933. Mažirina from the northwest


Back to Uvala Prisliga


17934. Clouds over Kakan and Kaprije, Gušteranski island on the right


17935. A large rocky plateau served as an embarking and disembarking platform.


17936. Road comes close to shore, a short distance from the bollard and the landing plateau


Along the road to Muna


17937. Dry grass is the messenger of the coming dry summer, the road to Stupica vela


17938. Salsify or goatsbeard, Tragopogon pratensis (kozja brada), full view


17939. Goatsbeard, dry bloom


17940. Elizabeta tri (Elisabeth III), a fishing boat from Zadar, at the main pier in the Muna port




17941. Main course: White beans with dry meat (pasulj sa suvim mesom) and cabbage salad, from Vlado's cuisine, empty plate is for bones


17942. Dessert: compote of soaked dry figs and nectarines, bread and honey, polenta plate from the breakfast


17944. From the balcony: Plavi val is leaving port on its evening route to Kaprije and Šibenik.


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