Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Ice-from-frozen-rain-covered country
from Razdrto to Planinska dolina valley
February 3, 2014, 42 pictures

Pictures are aproximately 533 x 800 pixels in size. Numbers in front of the photo descriptions are the serial numbers of the original images. Photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2014.


Razdrto, highway junction


20044. Broken treetops, Mt. Nanos in the background



20045. Young birch and elm trees to the south of the highway, under heavy ice cover after two days of freezing rain



20046. Decapitated spruces at the place, where the highway from Nova Gorica joins the highway from Koper



20047. Birch tree in icy veil



20049. High-voltage power line leaned low above the highway because the pillar at left bent down under the weight of ice on the lines, right travel lane and outside shoulder lane had to be closed.



Pivško polje / Pivka plain


20050. View south from the highway, high-voltage power lines sagging under ice, high Pivka river spread out into lakes.



20051. View southwest, ice armor on trees and bushes



Postojna hospital


20053. Hospital sign on the road roundabout in the ice cover



20052. Entrance gate to the visitor parking lot, in ice, out of order



20054. A passenger car, a blue first generation Fiat Punto (1993 - 1999) in ice armor



From Ravbarkomanda towards Rakov Škocjan


20055. Railroad - southwestern view from the overpass, railway stopped operating on Friday, January 31, because of power shortage.



20056. Railway - northeastern view from the overpass



20057. Postojna roadsign in ice curtain



20058. The road - view west



20059. View east, the fire brigade managed to clear this part of the road



20060. Spruce forest under heavy load, many trees with broken tops, deciduous trees in the foreground mostly broken



20061. Wider view, damage to spruces is more clear



20062. Spruce on the right lost its upper third, the road is barely passable.



20063. Road sign reads "Snow" but "Ice" would be more appropriate.



20064. The way to Rakov Škocjan and its magnificent caves, with entrances even prettier in ice, ended after a good kilometer from the main road - broken spruce closed further track for low clearance vehicles.



20065. A young beech, bent to the ground, but unbroken



Access to Planinska jama cave


20066. The firemen have cut the wood on the road down to the hydro power plant, and bulldozed the tree trunks and branches over the border at left; Zvone Samsa on the road.



20067. The fallen beech trunk has pissed the panel at the cave parking lot, but a branch nevertheless bent right panel support.



20068. Cave guides pavillion has been more or less spared, only its power line was very tense; here the little cottage is lurking from the frozen tree maze.



20069. Old castle tower, the pavillion and Zvone



20071. Icy branches, Zvone



20070. The trail to the cave, as for Zvone and the photographer, ended on the bridge over Unica. A fallen tree and its branches have demolished the fence in places, further advancement would require a chain saw and an axe.



20072. The slope to the castle tower with bent trees; we chose the lower path, besides the ex-river sawmill, now a hydro power plant, for return.



20073. Power lines were torn down at the relay tower, north of the building.



20074. Beech buds in two ice balls, 5 cm in diameter, of frozen rain



20075. Spruce garden hedge, in ice concretions



Planinsko polje


20076. Two power lines of three are still in place, the third is torn, branchless tree and a bent power pole.



20077. View from Planina to Cerje, over the lake, made by Unica



20078. Over 100 ducks gathered on the rim of an ice-and-snow island.



20085. Old castle ruin, in ivy and in apocalyptic forest



20080. The ruin up close



20081. The road from Planina to the highway was closed over the castle bridge - the fire brigade was still on duty.



20082. Downstream view from the old bridge



20083. Upstream view



20084. View over the lake to Jakovica hill



20086. View from Liplje, across the lake, to Jakovica



20087. View from Liplje, north to Jakovica (left) and Laze (right)



  Painting with light, Planinska dolina valley to Rakov Škocjan, Jan 4     Rakov Škocjan, Feb 8  

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