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Vela jama and Other Caves on Osoršćica Mountain, Lošinj Island
31 July 2015, 47 pictures

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26713. There are 3 caves on Osoršćica mountain which can be visited on your own, all are well signposted. Names vary slightly, on this page Vela jama, Jama Organac and Jama Sv. Gaudenta were used. Caves are also depicted on the map of Lošinj, published by Turistička zajednica Malog Lošinja and available for free at the tourist offices on both islands, Lošinj and Cres.






26712. The shortest route to the caves seems to be from the north, from Osor, as the road has been built recently along the northern ridge, to service the cell phone transmitters on top of Osoršćica. But the road is too rough for normal cars, and rather long to walk. So the best access route is through the village Pešćine above Nerezine, along the main Lošinj road from Osor to Mali Lošinj. At the junction on the picture turn right and drive through the village, to the end of the paved road and slightly further, uphill.




26714. Parking lot above the village, where the trail to Osoršćica starts.




26715. The trail begins as a field track among the stone fences, to Sv. Mikul chapel there is one hour walk (from Nerezine it is 1.5 hours).




From Pešćine to Sv. Mikul


26716. After 10 minutes the trail leaves the track, moves from the low macchia forest into the open, into sage meadows.




26717. Soon enough the trail turns back into the welcome shadow.




26718. After half an hour, halfway, there is a resting point with benches, below a wall and a pine.




Sv. Mikul / St. Nicholas


26720. Sv. Mikul chapel is positioned on the southern of the several main peaks on Osoršćica, 30 meters below Televrina, the top one.




26721. View of the chapel from the west




26724 - 26726. Panoramic view to the south of Lošinj island, with southern tip of Cres and the continent on the left and the islands Susak, Male and Vele Srakane on the right




26731. View east over Cres to Velebit mountain ridge on the continent, covered by clouds




26732. A large rock supported by two others, with an window below




Jama Sv. Gaudenta / Cave of St. Gaudentius


26794. Just before the trail along the western side of the Osoršćica ridge reaches the cell phone towers, look for red and white trail markings to your east. The trail to Sv. Gaudent cave departs from the main trail to the right, crosses the ridge and after a descent of about 50 meters the cave entrance is reached.




26795. The cave is a small room with flat earth floor, lower than the standing height, but has a charm of its own like almost every cave; view of the entrance from outside.




26796. View from the cave to the entrance




26798. To the west and above the entrance there is an additional small window.




From Sv. Mikul to Televrina and Further North Along the Osoršćica Ridge


26734. Most part of the trail from Sv. Mikul to Televrina follows the eastern side of the ridge, in the translucent shadows.




26735. In 2008 a new concrete pedestal has been erected at the peak of Televrina (588 m). It provides an even better western view.




26737. View north from Televrina with eastern Istria and Učka mountain in the background, Zeća island left middle and Cres at the right




From the Osoršćica Ridge to Vela jama Cave


26741. The shortest way to Vela jama and Jama Organac caves is the via ferata below the helipad at the cell phone towers on the ridge. But as the via ferata is much easier to climb uphill than to descend, not to mention the steep access to ferata from below, over a slippery scree slope, it is wiser to use the trail north, across the Osoršćica ridge as an access route, and to return over the ferata. So just continue up to a junction half an hour north from Televrina peak, where the old trail to Vela jama forks off the trail to the Osoršćica mountain hut, downhill and back to the south. In the picture - view to the sea from the Vela jama trail, which begins with half an hour trek across the scree part of the slope, without forest or other shadow.




26742. The trail crosses several rock piers which protrude from the slope.




26743. View southeast, with Male and Vele Srakane as well as Susak island above them.




26744. Passing another rock outcrop, view back along the trail




26745. Closer to the cave the trail is running mostly through cooler low forest shadows.




Vela jama / Vela jama Cave


26746. The cave is situated below the ridge cliff, and the trail passes by the entrance, seen here as a dark spot top left.




26748. The entrance is very impressive; a view from the cave interior.




26751. View into the cave from the outside; note a very small fig tree which grows from a fissure top left.




26753. The cave floor is moderately uphill, up to a large pit across the entire width of the tunnel, probably left by paleontological excavations; view out from the pit.




26756. On the western wall a myriad of small flies, here and there in dense agglomerations, found a home. They are heard much sooner than they are seen, the author at first thought he bumped into a nest of bees, such was the buzz, triggered by his presence.




26759. Wider view of the western wall with fly colonies - click on the picture to get it in high resolution.




26760. Available light photo of the cave interior, over the pit - an entrance to inner chamber is visible at the end of the hall.




26758. Passage to cave interior, up close




26757. The passage to the second room (in the picture, more cave like, with flowstone concretions) is wide enough for a person to get through, yet the approach disturbed the flies so much that the author abandoned the idea.




From Vela jama to Jama Organac Cave


26769. View west, across the sea, to Unije




26770. Western side of the Osoršćica ridge is forest, interspersed with scree parts such as the one in the picture.




26771. Scree slope, view downhill, to the sea




Jama Organac / Cave Organac


26773. View of the entrance from the inside




26774. The cave is small but still has an inner part, too narrow to squeeze through but much favored by bats.




From Jama Organac Back to Top of the Ridge


26775. The trail south follows the bottom of the cliff, which is dented inwards and very picturesque, reminds one of the Chimney Rock Park scenery, from the end of The Last of the Mohicans (1992) movie.




26776. The trail crosses several scree slopes; view of one from above with Unije in the background.




26779. A large rock cairn marks the junction where the trail splits - the lower one continues towards the coast while the upper one turns sharply left, uphill, towards the via ferata and top of the ridge.




26781. Below the top of the ridge is a large open scree which is steeper in the upper end.




26782. Under the ferata there is a small bush stretch which provides shadow for a rest before the final ascent.




26785. The lower part of via ferata. The wire extends well below, along the scree. All the way of the ferata itself, about 50 meters, the wire has a PVC coating so gloves are not really neede.




26788. In places ferata is quite steep, but as it is short the ascent to the top is quick and swift.




26790. Access to via ferata is marked at the western side of the helicopter landing pad, but it is not exactly eye-catching.




26783. View from the ridge to the west, with Unije island and sun reflections in the sea




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