Primož Jakopin, photo diary

From Rakitna to Zala River, to Vrbica and Ustje
8 August 2015, 31 pictures

Most images are approximately 533 x 800 in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are the serial numbers of the original photo files.
Photos taken by and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2015.


The Descent from the Rakitna Plateau to Zala River


26870. The 300 m descent, from the large beehive assembly on the eastern side of the plateau to the small hydro power plant on Zala, took half an hour. The trail mostly follows an old forest track.




Downstream Zala to the Confluence with Iška at Vrbica


26872. It was a hot summer day but pleasantly cool by the stream. Crossing the riverbed over a fallen beech trunk was an alternative to wading through the water.




26873 - 62874. It will take years before the nature restores the forest to what it was before the February 2014 sleet (žled, požled in Slovenian).




26875. It was some time after noon and the sunlight occasionally managed to pierce through the green canopy above the river and created such chiaroscuro illumination as is the one depicted here.




26877. At first the rapids were rather tame and easy to come by.




26878. Advancing over the riverbanks and through the shallows




26879. The photographer and his beloved, against the light




26880. To avoid the rapids sometimes squeezing below the branches of the riverside was required.




26881. Some tributaries join Zala as a little cascade over the rock.




26883. A large rock in the stream, a lone voyager and the green, green all above




26885. After a while rapids turned into cascades.




26886. Cascades were pretty and most picturesque but had to be bypassed over the forest slopes, which were often very steep and slippery.




26887. The largest single waterfall, with a particularly tricky bypass




26889. Over the bench above the rapids




26891. At the side of a pool, below the cascades




26894. Yellow-orange slug with black dots




26897. Wading through the shallow water, not so cold any more, against the light




26899. Often it was possible to advance over a gravel riverbank.




26900. A thin spruce fell over the river in almost perfectly horizontal position.




26904. Where the river flew across a small plain a shortcut trail on the dry land could usually be found.




26905. Girls in a crossfire of the two photographers




26908. There were 3 major obstacles to overcome on the entire route. The last was a pile of boulders over the entire riverbed, next to a large rock obelisk, maybe 20 meters high. In the picture - negotiating a 2 m drop over a pole with nailed footholds.




26909. The traverse over the stream looks easy but is not. The flow is strong, driftwood in the strait is loose and at the right of the picture frame there is a 3 m drop.




26910. Almost over!




26911. Crossing a spruce trunk




From Vrbica to Ustje


26913. Belated snack at the Iška river side. The journey took 4 and a half hours, three times the anticipated time so it was late afternoon instead of late noon.




26912. The menu: baked chicken wings, bread, garlic, salad of tomatos, onions, carrots, mozzarella cheese, tuna and lemon, yogurt, plum compote, sweets




26914. At the triple pine




26916. Here and there the trail is passing a clearing, overgrown with ferns.




26917. The route winds up among large solitary rock pillars and in a place where sliding down from the trail could be fatal a small via ferata was installed.




26918. Relief at the end of the steep part of the ascent - view south over the valleys, Osredek village is center right.




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