Primož Jakopin, photo diary

From Soča Village to Krnsko jezero Lake, Mt. Krn, Down to Soča River and Back
22 and 23 August 2015, 56 pictures

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Photos taken by and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2015.


From Lepena to Krnsko jezero Lake


27004. There is no easy trip to Krn, the southernmost peak of the Julian Alps, the tower above the Soča valley. Standard route is from the south, from above the village Krn, 3.5 hours, 1.250 m of ascent. More scenic is the access from Lepena valley, but it is longer, a 5 hour trek. If you come by car, the return to the starting point is a must, so everybody takes the same route for the ascent and descent. Here a route combining both trails is described, with an overnight stay in the shelter below the peak. The car was left at the Soča river, 6 km downhill from the parking lot at Dom Klementa Juga hut, the usual starting point from Lepena valley. There are 43 km or one hour by car from the Krn village to Soča village and the only public means of transport, from Kamno below Krn, is a bus at 16.30 in the afternoon. Obviously hitch-hiking was the only option, timing unpredictable. The journey actually took 4 hours, including an hour and a half of walking and half an hour for lunch. In the picture: downstream view of the Soča river gorge near the bridge to Lepena valley




27005. A caterpillar of the pine hawk-moth, Sphinx pinastri, on the trail stone




27011. The day was nice, walking uphill on the old muletrack it was against the morning sun most of the time.




27014. After the trail reaches the Krnska jezera plateau the ascent eases up in a nice stroll.




27015. Map-of-Slovenia like opening in the sky, among the clouds




27016. A wild bee on the trouser fabric




27017. Lunch in the Koča pri Krnskih jezerih mountain hut: ješprenjka (vegetable soup with barley), jota (beans and sauerkraut soup), ajdovi žganci z ocvirki (buckwheat mush with pork rinds), garlic, bread, tea - 17 euros in all




27018. Closest to the hut and so most visted is the northeastern shore of the lake - view from the trail to Krn.




27019. Southwestern shore is more remote, but warmer and cozier.




27020. It is still not exactly Adriatic riviera, temperature-wise, so this couple only dared to soak their feet.




From Krnsko jezero to Mt. Krn


27022. The sky was clouds and sun.




27030. Above the lake there is a large plateau, now abandoned mountain pasture Planina Na polju. It is tall grass all over, now already dry, reminds one of scenery from the western movies.




27029. Dry grass up close




27034. Stream bed at the southern side of the plateau




27031. The trail is crossing the plain - here with a lone traveler, headed towards the lake.




27035. Some 15 minutes later two ladies, his spouse and her friend, followed. Above the plain they stopped for a little chat and the spouse wondered that her man must by now be already at the lake. I consoled her that he is probably not yet, he passed the plain 15 minutes ago (to the lake it is half an hour). She commented: Even if he would be, there is no chance he would run away. Her friend asked: How come? And the reply was: My cooking is just too good.




27033. Telephoto view of the cracked rock above left




27036. A large natural cavern in the wall above the trail




27039. Crack in the rock, up close




27041. Alpine poppy, Papaver alpinum




27042. Below the Mt. Krn saddle, Krnska škrbina, at about 2.000 m a. s. l. there is the only water source around Krn. It is important as the water to the shelter below the peak must be brought by helicopter and so has its price. The source is some 50 m away from the trail, well signposted.




27044. The spring is hidden in a rock fissure and getting the water requires some skill and proper accessories.




27047. A metal cup was lowered into the fissure, half filled with water ...




27045. ... poured into a small soft drink bottle with a large mouth, and from there in a larger bottle.




27050. Exposed karst landscape below the saddle




27051. View north to the peaks above the Soča valley




27053. Pyramid-shaped Vrh nad Peski, 2.176 m a. s. l.




27054. Telephoto view of Mt. Triglav, 2.864 m a. s. l., from the trail




27055. Telephoto view of Krnsko jezero




27056. The Krn peak was engulfed in a cloud. At first the sun was barely visible through the fog ...




27057. ... but later managed to make a more heartwarming appearance.




27058. Sunset behind the clouds




Mt. Krn, Morning, August 23


27060. Gomiščkovo zavetišče, Ervin Gomišček Mountain Shelter, small as it is, was full the the end for the Saturday/Sunday night. 8 visitors, including the writer of these lines, were overbooked and slept in the lower room, in front of the kitchen, some on the floor, some on the tables and benches. Three better equipped latecomers slept outside, in front of the entrance, below the tables which provided at least some cover from the morning dew (3 degrees C).




27068. After sunrise the mist began to disperse and the sun warmed the landscape. Just above the shelter there is a large cavern, a remains of the WWI, of long fierce battles on Krn and surrrounding peaks.




27064. The cavern - view from inside out




27061. Breakfast in the cavern - oatmeal with pear, soaked dry plums, figs and cranberries. It kept the stomach safe and sound till 15.30.




27065. The cavern has another exit, to the west, above the 700 m precipice; view out.




27066. Soča valley in the fog and Mt. Matajur, 1.642 m a. s. l., as seen from the western entrance.




27067. The cavern has one more (blind) tunnel, mainly used for a time in need.




27069. View of the shelter from the cavern entrance




27070. The sun above the peaks to the east




27072. View of the peak in the morning mist




27073. View north from the peak with Krnsko jezero, half covered by fog, and Mt. Triglav top center




27074. View east with Vrh nad Peski and Batognica mountains




Descent Down the Southern Slope to Krn Village


27076. At mid-height the slope the grass is interspersed with woolly thistle, Cirsium eriophorum, dense as it would be planted.




27077. Thistle meadow with mountain chain to the southeast of Krn




27079. An avenue which leads from Planina Kuhinja down to the village




27080. View of the meadow, lower part of the village and Krn in the clouds




27081. Half an hour from the village is Puščavnikova jama / Hermit's Cave, to be visited on some other occasion




27082. Wider view of the village and the cloudy mountain chain




Along the Soča River Back to Lepena


27083. Bathers, or better sunbathers, on the eastern bank of Soča at Kobarid




27085. Downstream view of Koritnica river, from the road bridge




27084. Koritnica riverbank, aerial view




27087. Soča is clean, crisp and of turqouise colour




27097. Western view of Črni vrh, 1.544 m a. s. l., from the river




27098. Another opening in the late afternoon sky




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