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From Osredek Down the Črni potok Creek to Iška River, to Vrbica and Back
29 August 2015, 69 pictures

Most images are approximately 533 x 800 in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are the serial numbers of the original photo files.
Photos taken by and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2015.


From Osredek Down Črni potok Creek to Iška River, to Vrbica and Back


From Osredek to Iška


27130. At the telephone pole No. 63, some 500 m west of Osredek, the party left the main road for a descent down an old forest trail to Črni potok.




27131. Soon a forest road which follows Črni potok to Iška was reached. The two girls were at the tail, deeply immersed in important private conversation.




From Črni potok to the Waterfall


27132. After 3.5 km the road ends at the Iška river. The route follows its riverbed, downstream.




27133. Where the riverbed was less wide pebbles gave way to exposed rocks.




27134. The first cascades ...




27135. ... had to be bypassed. There was always a convenient forest trail ...




27136. ... which sometimes involved a little climbing.




The Waterfall


27142. After wading through the shallows and many cascade bypasses the thunder of a taller waterfall was oncoming. After getting to its lower side using another forest trail detour it turned out that this is the major Iška waterfall on the route. Its deep pool was certainly promising, but also a bit scary because of high surrounding walls, in the dark shadows, and the pounding of the water on the upper side.




27139. Downstream of the waterfall's pool the gorge opened up slightly into another, less deep but sunlit pool, which the girls decided to give a try. The water was cold, around 20 degrees or slightly less, so considerable bravery was required for a short swim which ended with this picture.




27140. Breaststroke swimming, aerial view




27141. Girls in the water, moving in opposite direction




27143. Tackling the swim towards the waterfall required some time to reflect.




27144. The first step ...




27145. ... a brief retreat ...




27146. ... and, after the last to be or not to be, swimming towards the waterfall.




27150. The return was hasty ...




27151. ... and quite a relief.




27152. Aerial view of wading out of the pool




27153. Lunchtime ...




27154. ... on the rocks




27155. He discovered a rather heavy trunk and decided to help it downstream.




27156. The first try to overturn it failed, but the second ...




27157. ... was successful. The trunk is in the air, just about to continue its way to the Black Sea.




27158. Taking picture of the mom




From the Waterfall to the Pool


27159. Walking in the shallow rapids, back- and toplit by the midday sun.




27161. Sun and shadows in the Iška canyon




27162. Negotiating a slippery bypass of one of the rapids




27163. At the end of the bypass trail a horizontally growing bush trunk provided a welcome gymnastics opportunity.




27165. Over the rocks, over a spruce trunk




27166. From below the Krvava peč village a strong source Šumnik provides the strongest eastern tributary of Iška. It falls into Iška in cascades over a high threshold.




27168. Šumik riverbed above the cascades




27169. On the move in the shadows ...




27170. ... and in the sun again.




27171. He lifted a low branch to ease her passage.




The Pool


27172. About halfway from the Waterfall to Vrbica the youngs discovered a nice pool. Unlike the pools below the Waterfall, surrounded by high rock walls, this pool, though not very deep, had a sandy bottom and, even better, just slightly elevated upper edge, an invitation for jumping in the water. In the picture: ... one ...




27173. ... two ...




27174. ... three and off we go ...




27175. ... into the pool.




27177. Performing a somersault




27179. A twin jump




27180. Who made the splash?




27182. It was fun all around, from jumping to water hair arcs.




27183. Hairstyle after a water hair arc




27185. Portrait with a straw hat




From the Pool to Vrbica


27186. White honey mushrooms, embraced by cyclamen and clover leaves




27187. On one of the riverbed bypass trails




27188. In the green, just as Peter Pan




27189. Wading through the chiaro-scuro shallow river setting




27190. A somewhat tricky deepwater bypass




27191. Casual moments on the beach at Vrbica - in the warm shadows of the kind afternoon sun




The Obelisk


27192. Some 10 minute trek from Vrbica, upstream the Zala river, the first waterfall group is situated. Nicknamed The Obelisk by the author, after a 50 feet tall rock column which towers above the place, it is quite spectacular but also dangerous to pass as the trail along the streams is tough and dangerous for a slide. As there was not enough time at hand to return via the original planned route, quite demanding, upstream Zala river to the mini power plant and from there uphill to Osredek, and as the party was probably too exhausted any way, the writer of these lines proposed just a visit of the Obelisk, return to Vrbica and ascent to Osredek from there. Everybody agreed, and we were at the Obelisk in no time. From a previous trip she knew how demanding the bypass trail around the waterfalls is and expected that the sight of the rock tower would be enough. Not so for him - here the two are looking with fear ...




27193. ... to the party, climbing steep rocks on the southern bypass of the first waterfall.




27196. Youngs on top of the upper stream bed rock




27197. At the rapids above the Obelisk




27198. The descent along the Obelisk waterfalls begins with a "chicken ladder"-style traverse with a slightly too far apart spaced footholds ...




27199. ... the longer legs you have, the better.




27200. On return the northern bypass around the last Obelisk waterfall proved to be less demanding.




27201, 27203. A double portrait






27210. After a bit less than 400 m of ascent, in a bit more than half an hour, the party reached the Osredek plateau. Like Machu Picchu in Peru Osredek is situated on a pier, extending far into the ravines of not one river, but three, certainly much smaller but nevertheless also spectacular ones, Črni potok, Iška and Zala. In the picture: sitting on a stack of beams, probably remains of a hunting lodge, at the side of the forest road.




27211. To the left of the road kids discovered a ground bee nest, demolished by some obviously large animal. On the other side of the road the sign on a spruce explained the puzzle - most likely it was a bear looking for honey.




27212. Osredek is surrounded by large meadows through which theroad is winding to the village.




27213. The exhausted party at the eastern entrance to the village




27214. Walk on by - the party on the road through the scattered village, where the road is paved, all the way.




27215. At the Osredek church (sv. Primoža in Felicijana, St. Primus and Felician), against the sun




27216. Telephoto view of Kamnik Alps over the Osredek meadow




27217. Uphill, towards the setting sun ...




27218. ... and downhill again.




27219. Youngest participant of the trip, very much like the father at his age




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