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Špilja iznad Malog Ambisa / Little Ambis Cove Cave, Susak Island
11 September 2015, 22 pictures

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Mali Ambis / Little Ambis Cove


27494. The way to the cave is rather easy to follow. If you start from Gornje selo / Upper Village take the trail to the south of the island, to the Bôk bay and beach, signposted just as Beach. Maybe 50 meters before the trail down (north) to the beach forks left, off the main island south-north trail, there is another trail which forks off to the right, to the west. It is the trail to the Tiesni Bay, which is less than 100 meters away. At the bay follow the coastal trail, direction north. After about 250 meters the cave's southern (main) entrance is visible, just below the trail. In the picture - view of the cave entrance from the trail.




27493. A small gorge leads to the cave.




27491. It begins by a 2 m drop with steps, carved in the rock.




27492. Grainy flowstone at the side of the drop, up close. Winters are not sub-zero so the frost does not eat away the flowstone, and as the summers are arid enough it is not covered with algae as is usually the case in the tropics.




27466. The cave is not big, but in otherwise caveless island it is a pleasant surprise for a cavegoer.




27470. View of the entrance from the inside




27490. The rock above the entrance is rather crumbly and has three small openings.




27475. The cave tunnel is not long - view uphill towards the entrance.




27468. Cave had two continuations, both filled with sediment - here is the eastern one.




27469. The other side tunnel, going north, also blocked by sediment.




27471. Above the end of the cave there is another, western entrance, easy to climb. In the picture - western entrance from the inside.




27481. View through the western entrance to the cave tunnel with gravel floor, from the outside




27483. This entrance is big enough and allows an easy passage.




27489. A hole at the northern side of this entrance, as seen from the inside.




27476. View of the western entrance and its surrounding, from the northwest




27478. Wider view of this entrance with Tiesno bay in the background




27479. View of the sea and the horizon from below the western cave entrance




Veliki Ambis / Great Ambis Cove


27504. About 100 meters further north along the shore Veliki Ambis / Great Ambis Cove is situated. Its walls are precipitous with deep water below and offer great high diving opportunities. In the picture: view of the cove from the north, Tiesni cove is behind the first cape.




27496. View down the vertical rocks to the beginning of the cove




27495. On top of the southern cove wall there is a shaft which leads to the sea - in the picture: view down the shaft.




27497 - 502. Panoramic view of the southern wall, from the north. It contains a cave, or probably just a shelter, a few meters above the sea. But it can only be accessed either from the bottom, from the sea where it would be difficult to hold the boat still, or from above, by a rope descent. The wall is also a popular climbing place as is attested by several bolts on top.




27503. The shelter up close




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