Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Underground Defense Complex in Parknú Bay,
Ilovik Island
12 September 2015, 39 pictures

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27548. The chapel depicted here is quarter of an hour on foot from the village of Ilovik, in the direction of Paržine, main Ilovik beach. At the chapel turn right ...




27549. ... as signposted at the chapel side.




27550. The track crosses the shallow valley and on other side the is a small crossroads where just follow the wider track, i. e. turn left ...




27551. ... and, on the other side of the crossroads, turn left again.




27552. On the rock fence Parknú is also signposted, but the inscription is not particularly eye catching.




27553. Some 500 meters before Paržine beach, when its bay, the sea can already be seen through the low forest, this track forks off to the right. Follow it!




27554. The trail soon passes the ruins of 4 buildings, barracks built by Yugoslavian army after WWII and abandoned at the disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1991. What could be taken away from the buildings, such as the roof tiles, wooden beams, windows and window frames, was put to use elsewhere while the concrete walls are still there.




27555. Some time after the ex-barracks the trail climbs to the ridge dividing Paržine and Parknú bay.




27556. On top there are remains of an old checkpoint.




27558. The bay and ...




27559. ... some more ruins are already visible.




27609. As the ex-military buildings in the bay are further away, some of them are better preserved.




27560. Above the bay there is a plateau in the shade of old pines.




27561. - 27565. Panoramic view of the bay from the shore - entrance to the underground complex is below the flat concrete roof at the right side of the picture.






27566. Complex entrance from the outside ...




27567. ... and from the inside




27568. A makeshift tripod, used for the long exposure photos ...




27569. ... in the entrance to the main tunnel, decorated with graffiti. The welcome is ambivalent.




27571. View out from the tunnel. All tunnels in the complex are in remarkably good condition, built well enough to withstand the elements, mainly the rainwater that seeps through the rock. They are wide enough for easy walking and also provide good headroom.




27573. The main tunnel is about 200 meters long, runs north, with a bend to northwest some 50 meters before its end, the staircase to a surface platform. The length of the entire system can be estimated at 450 m, measured by steps. About 50 meters from the main entrance there is a small drop with stairs and and S bend, probably to protect the inner parts from a direct cannon hit in the complex entrance. Somebody showed off his muscles by dragging a pine log from the shore to this bend.




27576. The bend from the inside, from the continuation tunnel.




27577. From time to time there are side tunnels to the left (west) off the main tunnel, of equal dimensions. They all lead to usually staircased exit to the surface.




27579. One of a few side storage depos, this one to the east of the main tunnel




27583. The 21-step staircase which leads to the surface exit at the end of the main tunnel.




27582. Above the staircase there is another S-bend, with an armored door to the interior, all designed to minimize damage of a direct hit to the exit.




27593. The door, up close




27597. In the chamber below the exit/entrance there was always a small metal box on the wall. What use could it have?




27581. Final 5 steps to the surface




27598. Immediately below all the entrances there is a water-draining compartment which captures any entrance downpour.




27580. The fifth (last) exit from the complex, four of which are such round, probably gun, platforms. This platform is the least overgrown.




27588. View to the sea from the third platform




27589. Third platform




27591. Between the second and the third platform there is one more exit, a stairless vertical one, probably leading to an observation post.




27595. Second platform




27600. First platform




27584. View in the main tunnel, with a side tunnel passage (left) and a storage depo (right)




27585. View from the side tunnel into the main one




27601. Tunnels to some of the platforms have such bends as the one depicted here.




Beach Sign


27608. The beach can be used by dog owners, in company of their pets.




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