Primož Jakopin, photo diary

The Gambia
Senegambia, Tanji Bird Reserve

February 1, 2018, 29 pictures

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Ayssa participated in many pictures of this page.

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38796. Breakfast: polenta with banana and soaked dry cranberries, oatmeal cookies, camomille tea, Malarone pill (not shown)





38836. Roadside billboard advertising the Gambia Fashion Awards 2018



Paradise Suites Hotel, the Reception


38797. The reception room



38798. A modern version of a balafon, a West African wooden xylophone with 21 keys and resonators



38799. Colourful circular basket weaving designs on the side wall



Tanji Bird Reserve


38800. A tree with aerial roots, could be a banyan tree, along the trail from the Tanji Bird Reserve entrance to the lagoon



38806. Branches of a thorntree



38807. The forest is denser in places and sparse elsewhere with the floor, in the dry period of the year such as now, covered with dry leaves



38808. Ayssa with a pot on the charcoal fuelled fournée



38810. After some 20 minutes after the fire was lit the water with green beans started to boil.



38811. The snack: cooked green beans, cooked chickpeas (brought already cooked, would take too long to cook here), bread, garlic, black cumin oil, wonjo and baobab bio jam, polenta with banana, aronia juice with hot water



38834. Ayssa is taking a selfie.



38812. A small bay, or better, indentation in the coast just north of the cape with the earthen cliff in the background



38813. An EU/GM couple strolling on the beach



38814. Dried fish on the shore



38809. At high tide only a few rocks, protruding from the water, can be seen at the cape itself ...



38832. ... while at low tide they are connected to the sandy shore.



38830. Meandering shallows among the rocks, which are ...



38827. ... judging by the cracks ...



38831. ... of volcanic origin.



38815. Triceratops-shaped dry tree trunk above the beach, just below the cliff



38838. Ayssa on the inland bound part of the trail from the beach



38819. A young tree with strangely curved dried locust beans



38822. Yellow wild orchid





38839. Mounted EU/GM couple ...



38840. ... and a strolling couple - what is warm weather for her is a cold one for him.



38841. A lady from M'bour, employed by one of the Senegambia beach hotels, on her way back after work. It was not only her opinion that M'bour is the best tourist destination in Sénégal.



38842. Two girls, probably on the same path.



38843. Evening snack: braised fish pieces with vegetables, beetroot salad, cooked quail eggs, bread, wonjo and baobab jam, apple compote



  Senegambia, Salagi, Bakau, January 31     Senegambia, Kafuta, Tunjina, February 2  

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