Primož Jakopin, photo diary

The Gambia
Senegambia, Beach North of Old Cape Road

February 3, 2018, 19 pictures

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Ayssa and Pubby participated in many pictures on this page.

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38917. Breakfast: couscous with banana and soaked dry cranberries, oatmeal cookies, camomille tea, Malarone pill



38918. Ayssa in front of the Taf Annex appartment compound entrance



Bakau, The Beach North of Old Cape Road


38919. At the side of the mangrove beach the branches provided a cozy shadow and it would make a great place for a snack, and eventual group photo. So it would be nice to have a place, say about 4 m2, nice and tidy. In the picture: Ayssa is helping with garbage collection.



38929. It took 20 minutes to make the place really clean, some trash was peeking just a little out of the sand, like the tip of the iceberg out of the water, and it took some effort to get it out. In the picture - the garbage removed.



38921. The snack: cooked yellow lentils, bread, garlic, beetroot salad, black cumin oil, blackcurrant jam, aronia juice with hot water



38920. Hairstyle with many small braids composed in an intricate, surprisingly elegant pattern



38925. Seagulls on the other side of the lagoon, before a tongue of sand which separates the lagoon from the Atlantic, with several fishing boats on the horizon



38926. A juvenile seagull



38922. Ayssa on the beach ...



38934. ... where this group photo was made.



38937. Seafood collecting boys, to the east, in the direction of a double-storey fishing shack





38938. Two young women waiting in front of the hospital's outer gate



38939. The car was parked in the shadow of a tree on the other side of the road. She decided that it could serve as a good support for a little rest. Who was there first, she or the cat, is hard to tell.





38940. Lunch: sataraš with scrambled eggs, couscous, bread, blackcurrant jam, apple compote



38941. Day guard on his chair at the compound entrance



38942. A triplet on an evening beach stroll



38943. The sun on its way to the sunset, view over the beach and the sea ...



38944. ... and a closer view of the sun with a seagull flying by



38945. Evening snack: bread, yogurt, couscous, blackcurrant jam, hemp tea



  Senegambia, Kafuta, Tunjina, February 2     Senegambia, Kotu, Mangroves West of Denton Bridge, February 4  

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