Primož Jakopin, photo diary

The Gambia
Senegambia, Kotu, Mangroves West of Denton Bridge

February 4, 2018, 30 pictures

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Ayssa and Pubby participated in many pictures of this page and so did Tine Schermer.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2018.



38946. The morning prayer



38947. Breakfast: polenta with banana and soaked dry cranberries, oatmeal cookies, camomille tea, Malarone pill (not shown)





38948. View of the room (with bathroom and loggia) which Tine has now rented. The furniture will be her own, the fridge she bought an hour ago at a bootsale on the main street just round the corner (for 2.300 dalasis). The rent of the room is 3.000 dalasis per month, most reasonable if compared to 2.000 dalasis what Taf Annex appartment costs per day.



38949. Pubby in the bathroom. Windows do have the mosquito nets, only the boiler would come very handy in cooler winter days.



38950. The washbasin corner, in front of the bathroom



38951. View of the room from the loggia, from the entrance; Pubby



38952. A mangrove tree ikebana, in the yard just opposite the loggia of the room entrance



38955. Tine, a very remarkable lady, een opmerkelijke dame





38953. A junction on the Bertil Harding Highway, to the southwest of the Masjid Taqwa mosque (in the background). The picture was taken from the entrance of a used car dealer from whom the rented car was obtained.



38962. The mosque entrance with an inscription above it



38954. View of the used car dealer from the entrance ...



38963. ... and from the other side of the junction



Mangroves West of Denton Bridge


38956. The snack: cooked yellow lentils and tomato, bread, garlic, blackcurrant jam, polenta with banana, hot water



38957. Ayssa and Pubby at the snack scene ...



38958. ... and on the beach, on return



38960. A small bush with robinia-like leaves ...



38959. ... but with fruit in more sweet chestnut-like shape





38961. A strong supper: beef stomach in hot sauce with vegetables over cooked rice ...



38964. ... called for a little rest afterwards.



38968. A dog sleeps curled up in a ball, in the sand, enjoying the feeble sunrays of the late winter afternoon.



38970. The mother with her youngest daughter, Pubby and Ayssa, on the way to the beach



38971. A couple jogging



38972. Six pied crows in a formation flight



38974. Pubby, Ayssa, the mother and her daughter strolling on the beach



38975. Evening snack: couscous with apples, yogurt, hemp tea



38976. The mother is testing his food and found it, with a little unrefined sugar added, tasty



38965. She just obtained a cell phone, yet of red colour, not black



38977. The western attaching point of the mosquito net in the bedroom ...



38978. ... and the eastern one



38979. It worked perfectly, only the legs and head position in the bed had to be switched.



  Senegambia, Beach North of Old Cape Road, February 3     Senegambia, Banjul Airport, Sal Airport, February 5  

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