Primož Jakopin, photo diary

The Gambia
From Brussels to Ljubljana

February 6, 2018, 12 pictures

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Ayssa and Pubby participated in many pictures of this page.

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Brussels Airport


38998. It was another night at the restaurant, the worst again being the hours from midnight to two in the morning. The father and his daughter chose to take seat at the table next to the photographer's and as the daughter felt cold the father gave her his jacket and so was left with very little, only a short-sleeved polo shirt. The photographer offered him his red fleece cardigan but the father first asked his daughter if she would like it. So she did and here she sleeps with his father's jacket below her head, covered with the red fleece.



38999. A Sikh family in the hall, the father with a large white turban and two boys with small turbans, orange and blue, like Phrygian caps worn also by the smurfs



39000. There was no insecure feeling at the airport, just the occasional passing by of a patrol in full combat gear reminded one of the sad events two years ago.



39001. Godiva chocolate showcase



39002. Curved sheet metal sculpture above the Beers and Cheers bar



39003. The hall with very precisely dimensioned roof support structure, part of the Departures section. Note the inflatable red chechered rocket from the 16th volume, Destination Moon of the famous Belgian comics series The Adventures of Tintin by cartoonist Hergé.



39004. Longines watch advertising with Simon Baker



39005. A plane taxiing to the the runway, as seen through the airport glass wall



39006. There were three more planes in the line to the runway





39007. View of the Kamnik Alps from the plane, Ljubljana plain is covered with low clouds, Kamniško sedlo / Kamnik Saddle pass is depicted upper left.



39008. Packing the suitcases into the Airport-Ljubljana shuttle van



39015. A door-warning-sign-turned-into-graffiti on the train, bound from Ljubljana to the southwest



  Senegambia, Banjul Airport, Sal Airport, February 5     Lanski vrh, February 21  

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