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Samsung S7 Phone Camera in Pro Mode

March 7, 2018, 11 pictures

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From the Road to Cave Entrance


39286. Despite the intense thaw in the past two days the snow cover remains high, knee deep, over the rubber boots. In the picture: forest track forks off the road Laze - Ivanje selo and someone from the village was brave enough to give it a try with some tractor-like vehicle.



39287. To the left of the trail in the cave entrance collapse large portion of the slope is a large blowhole as testified by the melted snow.



Cave Entrance


39289. Ice stalagmites in the entrance did not melt, they are all intact.



39291. Ice-covered sinter slope at the daylight border



39290. Ice stalactites over the trail



Mala dvorana / Little Hall


39292. Ice is to be found also deeper in the cave - here some 60 meters inside ...



39293. ... at the passage to Mala dvorana / Little Hall.



39294. The entrance to Laški rov / Laze Tunnel (center right), phone camera flash. The passage was not under water, just two small rainwater puddles.



39295. An available light shot of the passage - the candle was moved to the bottom of it.



39296. There was an air current in the direction of the tunnel (towards inside), as can be concluded from the candle flame.



39298. The dome in the Mala dvorana - 10 seconds exposure, ISO set to 200, one LED headlight positioned to the right of the tripod, the other was moved across the picture from left to right. S7 camera pro mode was discovered accidentally - photographer moved the finger down from the settings icon (instead of just tapping it). Despite melting snow and the rain outside, the cave was silent and relatively dry, only an occasional water drop from the ceiling.



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