Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Boybuloq 2021

August 14 and 15, 2021, 49 pictures

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Main square, August 14


50174. The main square in the village, 1.750 meters above sea level, view to the west, towards the road from Kurgancha



Masjid / Mosque


50175. View from the main square



50176. The portico with a magnificent roof ...



50177. ... and an elaborate octagonal domed wooden ceiling



50178. The porch with a twin colonnade



50179. Side porch, to the north



50180. The prayer room



50181. Prayer rug pattern



50182. Elaborately shaded crown-framed liturgical text



50183. Liturgical text in honeycomb-pattern with gradient of chestnut color and multi-level framing



50184. Mihrab



50185. Wooden ceiling



50186. Side beam support detail



50187. Side door with floral engravings



50188. Prayer times: Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening and Night



50189. Persian rug detail



50190. Swinging wooden porch doors



50191. Support pillar carving detail



Main square


50192. Three Dehibolo elders: Ismatulla, Mahmarajab and Sadik



Holidin's new home


50201. View of the house from the lower road. It is being built in a steep slope, in front of the Kudrat and Hanifa's home.



50200. View of the house from below the western corner



50194. Wooden framework of the western wall in the first floor, view from the inside. Round beams and beams of not the perfect build are all used, nothing is wasted.



50193. Connection of vertical beams to the base beam, detail



50199. Floor detail - shorter beam parts are used as a base, ...



50195. ... on which a layer of earth is spread, ...



50197. ... mixed with water to get a good mortar, suitable for leveling. In dry climate the water will soon evaporate, and a firm, smooth floor will be made.



50198. Construction site still life



Around Dehibolo


50202. Hay barn along the lower road, Sadik



50203. In the easternmost grocery store. Dehibolo has three, all are located in the Main square.



50204. Resting platform in the porch of Sadik's house



50205. Volodja is departing, Abdurani will take him to Boysun.



50206. Fresh bread, Saliha, Sadik's wife, baked it.



50208. A new house Sadik and his family are building during the winter time, when there is more time.



50207. A window opening in the basement level



50209. Apple tree in the garden of Sadik and Saliha. Apples will be ripe at the end of September or early in October.



August 15


50210. Wooden framework for a new house above the upper street which leads to the school.



Dehibolo school


50213. View of the school from the east. The school, which is situated on the upper side of the village, had 224 pupils in the schoolyear 2020/2021. It has 11 classes, classes from 5 to 11 are taught in the morning, classes from 1 to 4 in the afternoon. In August 2021 the school was being renovated.



50211. The hallway



50212. Obid, the history teacher, and Sadik in one of the classrooms



50215. The outer school gate is locked during the summer, eventual visitors use the wooden ladder at the side during that time.



Kudrat's estate


50216. View down the river valley to the southeast, from the slope above the new house



50217. Access to the new house from the east



50218. Western wall in the first floor is almost complete. In one day the empty space among the framework of wooden beams was filled with stones and earth, ...



50219. ... while Holidin is now adding the finishing touches to the corner.



50220. Hollyhock, Alcea rosea, in the yard of Kudrat and Hanifa



50221. View of the new house from below



50230. A snack before lunch



50227. Kudrat with his granddaughter Marvia and grandson Parviz. Click here for Kudrat's portrait.



50229. A bright moment in time - girls and boys at the side home window: Asrorbek, a girl in a patterned bordeaux dress with a violet scarf, Bibirobia, a girl in a rosy dress with an orange scarf, Marvia, a girl in a dark brown dress with a red scarf, Parviz and Rahmudin.



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